‘Praying for Gideon’ keeps traction in Memphis

Published 9:29 am Saturday, June 18, 2016

Contributed Photo Gideon Purchase, center, recently finished his bone marrow transplat. Pictured are his parents, Kacie and Gary.

Contributed Photo
Gideon Purchase, center, recently finished his bone marrow transplat. Pictured are his parents, Kacie and Gary.

An Elizabethton child that has captured that hearts of the community continues to overcome the odds.
Gideon Purchase recently finished a bone marrow transplant Thursday as he continues his battle with Neublastoma.
“Things are going back to ordinary right now,” Gary, Gideon’s father, said. “Everything went well and we will be starting radiation on June 27.”
A four week stay for a transplant turned into six weeks and an additional ICU stay, due to a hypocalcimic reaction.
“You never know what’s going to happen,” Gary said. “But in the long run, everything turned out well.”
Less than a year ago, Gideon was diagnosed with stage four Nueroblastoma and was at high risk. Since that time, the Purchase family has been seen their fair share of doctor officers and hospitals.
The cancer is prevalent in children 10 years and younger and affects the nervous of an individual.
But during this trying time, people have shown their support, according to Gary, from Elizabethton all the way across the Tri-Cities..
“It’s been incredible,” he said. “From our local churches, to hundreds across the counties, the support has been overwhelming.”
Kacie, Gideon’s mother, has seen support from Washington County, too, Gary said. Adding that the Daniel Boone teacher garnered support from the school system during this time and has received flexibility to allow her being with Gideon.
“It’s one of those things where we would love to thank everyone individually, but it’s just impossible to,” Gary said. “The support has been tremendous. But we just want to thank everyone who has been able to show support for Gideon during this time. Where I grew up, this wouldn’t happen. It just shows how tight-knit of a community Elizabethton is, and howthe whole Tri-Cities can rally together. We really appreciate it.”
Various churches throughout the area held fundraisers to assist with medical bills and travel over the past year. Gideon’s GoFundMe page also accumulated nearly $12,500 over the past six months to help with treatments.
Gideon’s journey has seen multiple tie-ins across the county, Gary said. During their stay at St. Jude’s in Memphis, Gideon’s father talked about running across a Stoney Creek family who was going through their own battles.
“It’s amazing how this county can come together like that,” he said.
And a potential return to Carter County could soon be in the cards for the youngster. While there are still months of treatment ahead, Gideon could have the opportunity to come home a few weeks at a time, pending his condition, Gary said. The family will continue their stay in Memphis for the coming months.
For more information on Gideon’s story, visit the “Praying for Gideon” Facebook page online.

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