Road rage incident leads to city man’s arrest

Published 11:39 am Friday, July 1, 2016

A road rage incident on a busy highway on Wednesday morning led to a city man’s arrest.
Officers of the Carter County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jordan Honeycutt, 28, of 624 Range St., Elizabethton, on Wednesday and charged him with driving on a suspended license and disorderly conduct.
The incident which led to Honeycutt’s arrest began around 11 a.m. on Wednesday.
“I was standing outside of the Carter County Sheriff’s Department when I heard male subject screaming profanities from a vehicle on Highway 19E at the intersection of East Elk Avenue,” CCSO Deputy Chief Investigator Michael Little said. “Although standing approximately 70 yards away, I could clearly hear the male, later identified as Jordan Honeycutt, screaming at a female in a vehicle behind him.” Little said Honeycutt was yelling profanities at the woman.
Little said he watched as Honeycutt turned onto East Elk Avenue from 19E and he got into his police cruiser and stopped Honeycutt’s car in front of the Carter County Courthouse.
“Upon approaching Honeycutt, I asked what was going on,” Little said. “Honeycutt continued shouting profanities and stated something to the effect that ‘it’s not illegal to cuss.’”
“Honeycutt stated that the female he was screaming at had cut him off while merging into traffic on 19E,” Little added. “Honeycutt remained very hostile and continued to use profanities towards me despite several warnings not to do so.”
While Little spoke with Honeycutt, the female driver had pulled into the parking lot at the Sheriff’s Office and spoke with Deputy Samuel Pearce about the incident.
“I was working in the intelligence office inside the Carter County Sheriff’s Office when I clearly heard a man screaming profanities,” Pearce said. “Upon leaving the office I heard the screaming continue outside of the building. I went outside and observed a male, later identified as Jordan Scott Honeycutt, cursing and flipping his middle finger at a lady who was approximately 50 yards behind him.”
Pearce said he watched as Little pulled out of the parking lot and stopped Honeycutt’s car.
“The lady then pulled into the parking area that I was standing in and approached me,” Pearce said. “She said that when she was merging onto Highway 19E a vehicle then pulled around her and tried to wreck her by slamming on their brakes.”
“After that she said that he pulled beside of her and began to curse at her,” Pearce added. “(She) said that she accidentally cut him off when she puled out.”
After speaking with the woman, Pearce said he walked over to where Little had Honeycutt pulled over.
Little said a check of Honeycutt’s license revealed his license had been suspended indefinitely.
The officers arrested Honeycutt and charged him with disorderly conduct and driving on a suspended license. Honeycutt was booked into the Carter County Detention Center but was later released after posting a $1,000 bond.

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