Coco continues hunt for loving home

Published 6:51 pm Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Star Photo/Curtis Carden                           Don't let the looks for fool you, Coco, who has been at the Elizabethton-Carter County Animal Shelter since December, is a loving family animal looking for a single-animal home.

Star Photo/Curtis Carden
Don’t let the looks for fool you, Coco, who has been at the Elizabethton-Carter County Animal Shelter since December, is a loving family animal looking for a single-animal home.


The common stigma of a certain breed of animal has caused one lovable canine to continue its stay at the Elizabethton-Carter County Animal Shelter (ECCAS).
Coco is a four-year-old pit bull/terrier mix that is housed inside the facility.
Martha Sacher, a volunteer with the ECCAS, stopped by the Elizabethton Star’s office earlier this week to share the story of Coco.
“She’s been there since December or January,” she said. “It really just breaks your heart. She’s such a sweet and lovable dog.”
Coco was brought to the shelter after coming from a cruelty case. Even with the background the pit bulls have, one look at the animal quickly dissolves any fears.
“She’s such a lovable dog,” Rachel, a volunteer with the animal shelter, said Wednesday.
Keeping constant eye contact with an individual, the dog is playful with individuals and is calm-mannered. Rachel did add that if anyone were to adopt Coco, it would need to be to a single-animal home, adding she doesn’t do too well with other animals.
To take away from the stigma that pit bulls have, Rachel said that pit bulls are in the same boat as small animal like a chihuahua. Even though the animal is much larger than the smaller breed, the culture a dog is raised in ultimately dictates how the canine with live its life.
Having a pit bull as a pet takes a dedicated individual, Rachel added, stating the people that look to adopt the breed need to do their research and check for information.
Websites like, a site noted as a ‘premier source’ for bully-style pit bulls, elaborated on what it takes to own the type of canine and is used as a platform to answer questions.
“Owning a pit bull can be a very rewarding experience as hundreds of thousands of pit bull owners will attest to,” the site stated. “But where can you turn to for reliable information and facts that will keep your pit bull happy, healthy and in championship form? Tens of thousands of pit bull owners turn to Mr PitBull for trustworthy facts and information that helps keep their beloved pit bull friend in tip top shape. In fact, you cannot not believe the amount of mail I get each week seeking dependable advice. I do my best to answer every question as time permits. Many of the requests for facts and information I receive about pit Bulls involve issues that if not corrected promptly could have damaging effects. For this reason, I first and foremost recommend initially seeking professional veterinary care; as there is no substitute for their hands-on experience.”
Rachel went on to add that suitors for the animal need to have a home check to make sure the dog is in the proper situation. Coco, like other pit bull breeds, are bulky and have a high-pain threshold, allowing the dog to be suited for a home that has children, too, she added.
“She does well with humans, if a child maybe gets a little rough petting her or pulling her tail, it won’t be like the way it would with another animal,” Rachel said, tugging on Coco’s tell. “She’s so friendly with people. She’d really be a great dog for someone.”
For more information on Coco, contact the ECCAS at 547-6359 or visit the shelter’s Facebook page online.

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