Commission to handle committee appointments during Monday meeting

Published 2:52 pm Saturday, September 17, 2016

Carter County Commission Logoi

When the Carter County Commission convenes on Monday is members will elect officers and appoint committee positions.
Each year in September the Commission elects a chairman of chairwoman who presides over all of the governing body’s meetings. The group also selects a Vice Chair who presides over meetings in the absence of the Chair. The Commission’s bylaws also state if the Chair wishes to speak on a subject before the Commission he or she must vacate the chair and then the meeting over to the Vice Chair until the business under consideration is concluded.
The group’s bylaws state that either a member of the Commission or the County Mayor may serve as chair. Currently Carter County Mayor Leon Humphrey serves as chairman of the Commission and Commissioner Buford Peters serves as the vice chairman.
The Commission will also appoint members to serve on one of three groups of standing committees. One Commissioner from each of the county’s eight districts serves on each group of committees.
The first group of committees that will be addressed Monday consists of the Budget Committee and Nominating Committee.
The current members of these committees are Peters, Nancy Brown, Ronnie Trivett, L.C. Tester, Ross Garland, Sonja Culler, John Lewis, and Robert Carroll.
The second grouping of committees that will be decided includes Rules & Bylaws, Law Enforcement, Health & Welfare, and Buildings & Ground.
The commissioners who currently serve on those committees are Willie Campbell, Al Meehan, Brad Johnson, Isaiah Grindstaff, Timothy Holdren, Randall Jenkins, Ray Lyons, and Cody McQueen.
The third group of committees appointments will be made to include the Education, Highway, and Landfill committees.
The commissioners who currently serve on those committees are Dr. Robert Acuff, Mike Hill, Charles VonCannon, Danny Ward, Bobbie Gouge-Dietz, Larry “Doc” Miller, Scott Simerly, and Kelly Collins.
In addition to the standing slate of committees, members on the Commission will also select four commissioners from the group at large to serve on the County’s Financial Management Committee. Currently VonCannon, Ward, Gouge-Dietz, and Lyons serve on that committee. The other members of the committee are Humphrey in role as County Mayor, Road Superintendent Roger Colbaugh, and Carter County Director of Schools Dr. Kevin Ward.
In other business, the Commission will consider a resolution to prohibit parking on Dennis Cove Road in the vicinity of the Dennis Cove Road Trailhead. The resolution comes from the Highway Committee after U.S. Forestry Service officials came to the committee and requested that the county place no parking signs along Dennis Cove Road in that area.
The Commission will meet Monday at 6 p.m. in the courtroom on the second floor of the Carter County Courthouse.

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