Off the Grid Mountain Adventures offering Halloween adrenaline rush

Published 8:17 am Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Off the Grid Mountain Adventure guides get all decked out to give their customers a memory-making tour ending on the 3,000 foot zip line where the riders blast through the night air at 60 miles per hour.

The Off the Grid Mountain Adventure guides get all decked out to give their customers a memory-making tour ending on the 3,000 foot zip line where the riders blast through the night air at 60 miles per hour.

So you are looking to get an adrenaline rush, and Halloween is a favorite day circled on your calendar—there is a way that both can be combined into a lasting memory that will live beyond a lifetime.

The best part is it can be found right here in Carter County at Off the Grid Mountain Adventures located at 1825 Hwy 19E Bypass where 75 acres are laid out for the enjoyment of young and old alike.

This Halloween, owners Monie and Janice McCoury and their staff have put together an unforgettable adventure for those who seek adventure.

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Off the Grid, listed as a five-star destination on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Trip Advisor opened in April of this year and is drawing in folks from all across the country right here to Carter County.

According to McCoury, adventure seekers from as far away as New Zealand, England, and Australia have taken advantage of the adventures.

“This is something that we put out this year,” said Monie about the Halloween adventure. “I have had other zip lines before and this is the first year with this one here. We started out earlier this year by doing a black-light trail ride.

“In that, we have over 1,000 cans of fluorescent paint, and we equipped our ATV’s with a black light so, at night time, you don’t even see the road as you drive. The only thing you see now is the things we have painted with the fluorescent colors like our skeletons and clowns.”

McCoury said it was not the intent to make this a scary adventure, but one where their customers can really experience a neat experience at the facility.

“It is really cooler than any Christmas light show because its’ all done through reflective and black light—it’s more like a neon trail ride in the evenings,” added McCoury. “We don’t do it as a real scary-type—that’s not what we are trying to do.

“We are just trying to enhance the ride up with a little bit of color and then onto the 3,000-foot zip line where zip lining on a 3,000-foot zip line in the dark at 60 miles an hour is like going down the interstate blindfolded at 60 mph.”

The best part is that a tour can be scheduled anytime during the day or evening—even after 9 pm if a number of people want to participate.

“We are going to run this through at least the end of October and if people keep calling we will keep running night time tours, and as a matter of fact all of our daytime and night time tours now are scheduled,” stated McCoury.

“As long as people keep calling we will continue running. We run by reservations,” continued McCoury. “There is no limit to the lateness. There is not a time too late. If we had nine people call to go at ten at night, we will schedule them.”

Some may think that zip lining is too dangerous for children, but McCoury was quick to add that the zip lines at Off the Grid are fully engineered and are not attached to live vegetation meaning that the lines fully utilize utility poles and guide wires for security.

Another positive when it comes to safety is that the adventurers who take part will never have to worry about braking with their hands as the guides will actually do the braking for the riders decent and bring them to the tower if they happen to stop before reaching it—the guides monitor everything. This essentially means the customer is sent, braked, and received by McCoury’s staff.

“We have had zip liners as young as my grandson at 15 months on the 3,000 super zip line riding tandem with his dad, of course, and our oldest zip liner has been 90-years old,” stated McCoury. “There really is no age demographics or weight restrictions. Our only weight restrictions is on the maximum end, and we don’t want anyone over 275 pounds—not because the lines won’t support it, it’s because of sheer speed. The heavier you are the faster you go so it’s for the protection of our customers and our guides.”

While most zip lines run for $90 to $250 per person, Off the Grid was built on a different business model that is intended to keep bringing the locals back at a more reasonable rate.

For $39 per person, you can take advantage of the super zip line that is 3,000 feet long which is one of the longest, highest, and fastest ones around. McCoury went on to add that in the daytime, it offers one of the most scenic views around and at night when the moon is shining brightly there isn’t a prettier sight around.

If interesting in setting up a tour, McCoury said to call 423-707-6022 and reservations can be made.