HME celebrates heroes in conjunction with walk-a-thon event

Published 8:15 am Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Star Photo/Curtis Carden                           First grade students at Harold McCormick take a lap around the track to help celebrate the success of the school's walk-a-thon fundraiser.

Star Photo/Curtis Carden
First grade students at Harold McCormick take a lap around the track to help celebrate the success of the school’s walk-a-thon fundraiser.

Monday was full of activities for the students and faculty of Harold McCormick Elementary.
The school hosted a walk-a-thon to celebrate health while providing a Community Career Day, allowing students to interact with the local heroes and workers that serve Carter County.
Students had the opportunity to walk while meeting with representatives from the Carter County Sheriff’s Department, Carter County Health Department, Carter County Rescue, Elizabethton Police Department and SWAT/National Guard.
It was a time of celebration, according to Harold McCormick Principal Eric Wampler, who noted the students made a big impact for this year’s walk-a-thon fundraisers.
“This was our only fundraiser this year,” Wampler said. “We try to spread them out. This year we raised $7,000.”
Funds garnered from the event are nothing out of the ordinary for the school, which continually sees support come from their PTAC group.
“The awning outside was funded by the PTAC,” Wampler said. “Our electronic sign outside the school … the majority of it was paid for by PTAC and our after school program also helped with it. (PTAC) steps up to help make things easier for our students, teachers and the families.”
Wampler added he was impressed with the support from the event, stating that one student was able to raise $461 in sponsorships to walk.
“This year we didn’t really have a major initiative,” the principal said. “Our PTAC buys planners for our students and that goes for $1500. The rest of the funds will be carried over for next year.”
Wampler added the school’s goal in the future is to bulk up their technology, hoping to purchase Chromebooks. The devices would allow students to prepare for online testing provided by the state’s Department of Education — once it’s ready to be rolled out across the state.
But Monday wasn’t all about walking.
Wampler and Penny Nave, assistant to the principal, described the itinerary for Monday, which incorporated a bevy of “zones” for students to have fun in.
Students were moved into different zones in 45-minute intervals, ranging from walk-a-thon, inflatables in the inside, and the discussion period with local agencies.
Nave added that students participated in another zone inside a classroom — allowing the class population a chance to write thank you cards to the men and women that help the community.
Physical education teacher Holli O’Quinn, who serves on PTAC, and school guidance counselor Kristin Collette helped navigate the charge for Monday with Nave, Wampler said.
O’Quinn was able to line up a suitable lineup for community heroes after making contact with Capt. Johnson of the Carter County Sheriff’s Department, Nave said.
“I’m friends with Mrs. O’Quinn,” Capt. Johnson said. “She called me and said the school was wanting to put something together for community heroes and allow the kids to spend time with us in a good, open environment where they could have conversations with us and realize we’re just ordinary, everyday people that’s just trying to help in the community and keep them safe.”
Along with the bevy of activities, students participated in a soup luncheon with food provided by teachers.

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