Not your ordinary Halloween surprise: Father recalls daughter’s birth, thanks county EMS

Published 8:13 am Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Photo Contributed  Johnny and Elizabethton Price have one exciting story they can tell their daughter, Crimson Rose, after being born Halloween morning.

Photo Contributed
Johnny and Elizabeth Price have one exciting story they can tell their daughter, Crimson Rose, after being born Halloween morning.

For Carter County native Johnny Price, Halloween has been more about joy than frights.
Price and his wife, Elizabeth, were busy in the morning hours Monday with Elizabeth giving birth to their daughter, Crimson Rose, around 3:48 a.m. this morning at the rescue squad center in Stoney Creek — mere minutes away from their house.
“She weighed five pounds and nine ounces,” Johnny told the Elizabethton Star Monday afternoon from Franklin Woods Community Hospital. “It was an exciting morning.”
Johnny supplied the Elizabethton Star his own documentation of the morning hours in a Facebook post online.
The post read, “What a night! The Dallas Cowboys beat Philadelphia in a OT thriller, then I walk into the bedroom around 3 a.m. and Elizabeth is sitting up and gave me that look “it’s time” … so I’m running around the house like a chicken with my head cut off, waking the kids up, grabbing clothes and stuffing them in the go bags. I go back and check on her and she says ‘my water broke’. So I then proceed down the road, pedal to the medal #NascarStyle, flashers on like I’m Barney Fife. She is screaming, kids screaming, I’m screaming … ‘it’s coming!’ she says. I call 911 and they direct me to go to the rescue squad center just off of (US) 91 past the airport. I zoom in with her mom and dad, Timothy and Callie, behind me … *Shenandoah blaring on 96.9 #WXBQ … The EMS come out and survey the situation and tell me to pull out to the other side. I do and the paramedic runs out, gloves on and BOOM! Yes we had Crimson Rose in the front seat of our ‘’97 Buick on Halloween. Tell that story 25 years from now …. ”
Johnny went on to thank the workers that helped delivered Crimson Rose into the world.
“I just want to thank our emergency workers,” Johnny told the Elizabethton Star. “I especially want to thank Shane Dingus. He’s a veteran and has been doing this for 20 years. It’s great to know that we have this type of people in our county.”
Johnny added that Elizabeth and Crimson Rose are resting and doing “great” at Franklin Woods, as the first Halloween baby at the facility.

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