Advisory board hears updates on rescue, spay & neuter trips

Published 8:08 pm Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Attendees were able to listen to the status of a pair of partnerships during Tuesday’s Elizabethton/Carter County Animal Advisory Board meeting.
The shelter transported 14 cats to Lincoln Memorial University’s veterinary facility last week as part of their partnership with the shelter according to Carter County Mayor Leon Humphrey.
“We received 13 cats back,” Humphrey said. “One cat had complications with an ear drum, but LMU handled the surgery, returned the animal, and medications for all the animals. All free of charge.”
Shannon Posada, shelter director, added that only one complication occurred from the process with a feline’s incision reopening.
Following the update, board member Bekah Price questioned the prices of the trip compared to local vet services.
“Locally, the lowest rate we’ve found is between $60 to $150 depending on the size of the animal,” Humphrey said and added the price for spay and neuter at LMU is $35.
“LMU visited the shelter Monday,” he continued. “We’re hoping to partner with the university to expand their role in the shelter but those plans are currently under review.”
While the shelter prepares for its second trip, which will include cats and a limited amount of dogs due to over scheduling of canines by LMU, Humphrey added ten dogs were transported to the Kentucky Humane Society over the weekend for rescue opportunities.
“We spent 17 hours,” Humphrey said about Saturday’s trip, which included inspecting the facility and allowing ten canines to be brought over for rescue.
The partnership allows a select amount of animals to be taken to the Kentucky Humane Society, a statewide society based in Louisville.
“The cost for the drive to the facility, round trip, for two vehicles was $154,” Humphrey said. “It’s a wonderful pipeline. These are the types of partnerships we need to have to help the shortage stay at a functional level.”
The plan moving forward, according to the mayor, is to meet the organization halfway – an estimated $50 round trip cost for fuel.
A cat colony is also expected to receive some relief Sunday with Brother Wolf reportedly coming into the area to assist with an area that currently has roughly 120 cats.
The nationally known organization recently presented the county shelter with a leadership award – to be hung within the facility.
“We need the 501(c)3 support,” Humphrey said. “Brother Wolf has been established for ten years, a nationwide organization and our hope is they could setup up a chapter locally in Elizabethton to help with the shelter and provide opportunities for volunteers.”
Chairman Mike Barnett added the board is ready to work alongside Posada in adopting policies and procedures at the shelter. Posada, who is developing the items, added she’d love to have board input. The shelter is currently operating under ASPCA guidelines.
Near the conclusion of the meeting, Barnett presented the board with letters of resignation from Humphrey and McQueen for their positions with the Friends of the Shelter board.
The mayor told board members that county attorney Josh Hardin encouraged government representation not to be part of the Friends group to keep government and nonprofit boards separate from each other.
Humphrey and McQueen will still serve on the advisory council, but Barnett respectfully asked McQueen to attend the majority of meetings in the future or to meet with the mayor about having a possible replacement for county representation.
The advisory board accepted the resignations of both members. The status of Sam Shipley, city representation and city councilman who serves on both boards, is pending following consultation with the city attorney.
Before convening to the Friends group, Barnett added that board would look at electing new officers late in the year during the group’s election.
Barnett added the discussion of having Appalachian Tails part of the Friends group would be tabled until next month’s meeting. The chairman added the reasoning came for liability issues and that the organization would like having some insurance in place to protect the entity.

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