EHS Drama Club partners with Bonnie Kate for restoration project

Published 3:09 pm Wednesday, April 5, 2017

As work continues inside a historic landmark, a handful of Elizabethton High School students are looking to do their part to help the cause.
The EHS Advanced Drama Club will be performing Bedtime Stories (As Told by Our Dad) (Who Messed Them Up) on Friday, April 7, at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, April 8, at 3 p.m. at the Bonnie Kate Theater. Tickets will be available at the door for $5 and all proceeds go toward restoring the facility for upcoming shows to highlight the performing arts in the region.
Following up a pair of successful showings just a few weeks ago, Marcia Ross, program coordinator for the Bonnie Kate, was quick to utilize the talents of the local performers.
“We worked together a few years ago with the high school drama,” Meg Foster, EHS Drama teacher, said about working with Ross. “We just kept in touch since then. She was at my fall show and that’s when she mentioned this idea to me.”
Bedtime Stories (As Told by Our Dad) (Who Messed Them Up) was penned by Virginia playwright Ed Monk and offers a different twist of popular bedtime stories normally heard by children.
The story features a father that gets his turn to tell his three children –played by Amber King, Bailey Marvel and Molly Schell – their favorite bedtime stories but gets a little “hazy” on the details, according to the script.
Friday and Saturday will see the father, played by Cory Fitzsimmons, adding a different twist to stories, including a prince with a snoring problem during the The Princess and the Pea, a boy who cries dinosaurs instead during The Boy Who Cried Wolf and a different version of Rumpelstiltskin that sees the popular character spin gold into straw.
Sarrah Eggers, Tiffany Hill, Juston Cox, Sammie Areas, Sarah Slage, Brianna Tish, JP Abner, Bess Allen, Emily Cooper and Slade Nakoff will each be performing during the shows.
For the past couple of days, the Advanced Drama members have been inside the Bonnie Kate rehearsing to put the final pieces in place for the showings.
“This show is for this semester,” Foster said. “This is actually one of two shows we have going on. This is specifically geared for this fundraiser because we know it would bring in families.”
While the community has continued to showcase their support for the restoration underway at the Bonnie Kate, Foster added the students have shown excitement to assist with the cause.
“The students have been very excited and really willing to help,” she said. “They want to help further this project and really love being in this type of environment with a real theater space.”
For two days, Foster said the shows will be geared for everybody.
“This is enjoyed by all ages,” she said. “We encourage families to come, bring your children. It’s honestly like a Pixar movie. Kids or adults, it’s enjoyable for everybody at all levels.”
Funds raised throughout each performance will go toward stage lights needed at the Bonnie Kate.
Each show will have a special-made program, which businesses can advertise in. The funds raised through advertisements will go directly into the Bonnie Kate’s fund for future projects. Interested businesses or organizations looking to promote their work can contact Appalachian Printing, who is handling the printing services at no charge, at (423) 543-2600.
Individuals are also encouraged to make monetary donations, if possible, to the restoration project. To make a contribution visit or contributions can be sent by mail and be made payable to: Elizabethton – Carter County Community Foundation, P.O. Box 695, Elizabethton, TN 37644-0695.
For more information and updates on the progress of the Bonnie Kate restoration, visit their website or check out The Bonnie Kate Theater Restoration Project Facebook page.

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