TDOT: West Elk Ave. work ‘anticipated’ for fall 17

Published 8:01 pm Friday, May 12, 2017

After years of trying, plans of widening a corridor of West Elk Avenue are finally getting off the ground.
The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) recently unveiled their proposed projects that will take place between 2018 through 2020 thanks in part to the recently passed IMPROVE ACT – an initiative from Governor Bill Haslam’s office to help fix roadways across the state by raising gas taxes.
West Elk Avenue made its way onto the list and has been budgeted for the right-of-way phase for the upcoming fiscal year, according to TDOT Community Relations Officer Mark Nagi.
“We currently anticipate the plans will be completed and the process initiated this fall,” Nagi said.
The north corridor of West Elk Avenue has its fair share of dilapidated buildings and the narrow stretch that has been a headache for motorists over the years as the widening of the road has been tossed around.
The Elizabethton Star recently fielded questions from readers in regards to rumors that Hunan Chinese Restaurant would be closing down. The eatery, which is located on that stretch of West Elk Avenue, stated that they had not received any notice from the state about work moving forward.
While the development is still in the planning phases, Nagi went on to add the project will require the acquisition of right-of-way and that potential businesses in that stretch of the corridor could be relocated.

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