‘Uno Ab Alto’: Sen. Crowe supplies new flags for Walk of Honor, recognizes Sellers family

Published 5:15 pm Thursday, June 1, 2017

Each year, trips down to the Veterans’ Walk of Honor in Elizabethton just keep getting better for State Senator Rusty Crowe (R – Johnson City).
Sen. Crowe joined members of the Walk of Honor/War Memorial Oversight Committee Thursday morning to present new flags to the dedication site located on Armed Forces Drive in downtown. The flags were provided by the senator and State Representative John Holsclaw, Jr.
“Our veterans care more about our liberty and freedom than their own lives,” Sen. Crowe said. “It is a very proud day when I’m asked to do this. John Holsclaw and I are proud to provide these flags for the City of Elizabethton and for our veterans.
“I think Elizabethton is one of those cities that really cares about our veterans and the sacrifices they’ve made throughout the year,” he continued. “They ask each year for us to replenish the flags here at the Walk of Honor and make sure each branch of the service is represented.”
The senator has provided flags for each branch of the service since the inception of the memorial and walk of honor.
“Sen. Crowe always provides the flags at least twice a year and he’s done that ever since we’ve had the memorial,” said Bill Carter, City of Elizabethton mayor pro-tem and chairman of the oversight committee. “We’re very appreciative of his work. The bottom line with all of this is to make sure we honor our veterans in Carter County, as well as the City of Elizabethton.”
Thursday also featured a special dedication ceremony for the Sellers family. Sarah Sellers, a 30-year member of the Air Force that served in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars was on hand for the event. The committee provided Sellers the retired Air Force flag and she was asked to raise the new flag to commemorate to remember Chief Master Sergeant Mike Sellers, Sarah’s husband, who was is a veteran and recently passed away.
“This year, we’re extremely proud to do this,” he said. “We had Sarah Sellers here with us, a 30-year Air Force veteran, and wanted to do this event this year in remembrance of Chief Master Sergeant Mike Sellers and all the other Air Force veterans that have passed on since we put the flags up last time and obviously in honor of all of our veterans that have passed on since our last time doing this dedication.”
Sen. Crowe commended the efforts of Deacon Bowers, one of the original Veterans War Memorial Committee, who continually pushes for the betterment of veterans within the community.
“I can’t say enough about Deacon,” the senator said with a smile. “He’s an amazing person who cares deeply about our veterans.”
Mayor Pro-Tem Carter encouraged the public to visit the memorial when they get an opportunity and thanked the Sellers family and the veteran community as a whole for their service.

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