Local Democratic Party volunteers in Georgia for 6th District election

Published 4:14 pm Monday, June 5, 2017

The race to replace former U.S. Representative Republican Tom Price has garnered attention across the country, even in Carter County.
After Price accepted a position in President Donald Trump’s cabinet as the health and human services secretary, tensions have grown in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District as Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff contend for Price’s former position.
With the runoff election between the candidates scheduled for June 20, Democratic Party representation from Carter and Washington counties spent the weekend in Georgia to canvas for Ossoff.
“It is a seat that has went Republican for a very long time,” said Carter County Democratic Party Chair Kristi Carr on Monday, after returning from her time in Georgia. “We spent time in the area canvassing for Jon Ossoff. This is a very important election that has gathered attention across the country.”
A special election was held for the position in April with Ossoff actually taking 48 percent of votes while Handel was right below the 20 percent mark. However, due to Ossoff not receiving the majority of ballots, the June runoff was scheduled.
Since that time, various polls have seen Ossoff lead by as many as seven points while others have him with a slim one-point lead over Handel.
Carr said the election is part of a moving trend across the country where primary Republican positions in elected offices are either swinging to the Democratic Party or Republican officials are winning by a slim margin. When discussing the campaign in Georgia, she added that the Republican Party has went more on a “smear campaign” while Ossoff has steered clear from that route.
“I think it shows there is major momentum in the country for change,” Carr said. “You see the special elections, and other areas … there’s a large amount of the public that is disgruntled with the way things are going in our country and the displeasure for President Trump. Like this week, I was contacted by the Georgia Party and we were able to get together volunteers from Carter and Washington counties.
“But there were volunteers from all across the country down in the area,” she continued. “They know the importance of this special election and want to lend what support they can for Jon Ossoff.”
Carr added she knew of others that will be making their way down to Georgia between now and June 20 to volunteer and campaign for the democratic nominee.

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