Road Warrior Foundation presents tank chair to N.C. veteran

Published 4:51 pm Monday, June 26, 2017

The feeling was ever apparent for Jeremy Young of North Carolina following the surprise gift of a brand new tank chair, estimated to cost around $20,000, provided by the Road Warrior Foundation during Saturday’s East Tennessee Spyder Owners Rally at East Tennessee ATV in Elizabethton.
“It’s fantastic,” Young said with a smile after receiving the new chair. “I had no idea this was happening.”
Jeremy’s wife, Kayla, helped put the plan in motion, according to Jason Baxley, mid-atlantic regional director for the Road Warrior Foundation. An avid lover of the outdoors and adventure, friends and family of Jeremy were able to keep the surprise under wraps until the presentation.
The North Carolina native joined the Army in 2010 and was deployed to Afghanistan in October 2011 where he participated in over 150 missions while on active duty.
One fateful incident saw soldiers come under fire during a “blue on green” attach, where Afghani troops opened fired on Jeremy and his fellow soldiers. Jeremy was shot 13 times, which resulted in a single leg amputation, severe nerve damage and having to be confined to a wheelchair.
While the injuries could be too much for some, that didn’t prove to be the case for the Army veteran. Jeremy explained he did all he could while being in a wheelchair.
“I try not to let my injuries slow me down,” he said.
It was that attitude, Baxley said, that made Jeremy the prime candidate to receive the new chair. After presenting the soldier with a placard that could be donned on his wheel, Craig Anders, co-founder of the Road Warrior Foundation, pulled up in the brand new tank chair.
The tank chair, which is a motorized wheelchair with tank treads, was provided with the support of a company based out of Missouri and will allow the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors once again.
“I will probably take it down to the pond where I used to go fishing all the time,” he said with a grin.
The thrill of adventure was the name of the game Saturday as East Tennessee ATV hosted the Spyder Owners Rally, which showcased various vehicles that are unique in style and provide an exhilarating journey on the road, which Jeremy was able to take part in prior to the Rally.
Road Warrior Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 2013 by Steve Berger and Craig Anders that allows veterans to utilize powersports and adventure to produce an atmosphere “that takes people out and puts them back in the driver’s seat,” according to the organization’s website.
Baxley added that Jeremy will be taking part in an upcoming ride.
And to follow up the announcement, the veteran said he’s excited to be part of the organization.
“I’ve heard of the organization before. I wasn’t part of them then, but I definitely am now,” Jeremy joked.
But when it comes to showing support, Jeremy added it is important for citizens to look at different veteran organizations if they’re looking to show their support.
“All I can say is be sure to look into the organization and know who they are,” he said. “You don’t have to give money, just coming to an event is great. But any type of money does help some because a lot of the groups are nonprofit. Personally, Purple Heart Homes actually came by the house and built a walk-in shower. There’s so many organizations that do so much for veterans, like Road Warrior Foundation, and I appreciate what they do.”
Visit for more information on the Road Warrior Foundation or visit their Facebook page online.

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