‘BUFF PRIDE: Milligan Summer Camps provide students with hands-on experiences

Published 5:28 pm Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Having an interest in an individual subject is one thing. Having the opportunity to have a real-life moment with the subject is a whole new ball game that Milligan College continues to offer high school students.
Milligan kicked off their annual Summer Camps program this week and events are still going strong according to the action on campus Wednesday. Participants spent Wednesday working on a variety of projects for their own camp.
Madeline Kelly, from the Happy Valley community, couldn’t hold back the excitement when it comes to describing her experience in the digital media camp, directed by Milligan Assistant Professor of Communication, Art Brown.
“It has been really cool and a really great learning experience,” Kelly said. “I’ve learned a lot by working with other artists and everyone in the camp. It’s been great to use all the technology available here at Milligan.”
Digital media camp participants were hard on the grind Wednesday. Before returning to campus, Brown led campers to different areas across the region to work on videography and interviewing capability, a fun moment for Kelly.
“Actually, today we went to several different locations and started filming,” she said. “We started doing interviews with other people. It was a total team effort. That was definitely one of my favorite things that I’ve been able to do here.”
Right across the commons area, computer science camp was in full swing during its inaugural year.
Dr. Carolyn Carter and Dr. Teresa Carter spent the day working with students to finalize their project of forming a ‘supercomputer’ from 16 Raspberry Pi computers.
The concept of working with the computers peaked the interest of William Jennings, a current student at University High in Johnson City and computer science camper.
“I really didn’t know much about the computers before coming to camp,” Jennings said. “I really have an interest in computer programming. The teachers have talked about all the different things we’ve been able to do with them. Our big project is to put 16 of the Raspberry Pi computers together to form a supercomputer.
Teresa Carter joked students have received a “boot camp” of sorts when it comes to the different programs they’ve been able to work with, involving microprocessors to working through CAD programs.
Jennings attends the camp after finishing up his summer classes at University High.
“At my high school, it isn’t that bad of a transition,” he said about attending a school with a yearlong schedule. “I only have two classes. Once I finish them up, I come straight over here for camp.”
Nursing camp participants, led by Dr. Melinda Collins, were no exception to the busy schedule Wednesday. Carter County Rescue Squad welcomed campers Wednesday morning for a hands-on look at their facility in Stoney Creek.
One perk of the camps is that students focusing on the certain programs have the opportunity to work with the same instructor if they choose to attend Milligan post graduation.
And if Jennings and Kelly’s thoughts were any indication, the camps continue to do their job to promote what Milligan has to offer. .
“It’s been a great experience,” Jennings said. “It’s been great.”
Kelly seconded the University student’s sentiments by and encouraged future campers to try out the camps.
“Just be willing to do it,” she said. “Don’t be worried about your level of experience. Just jump in and have fun.”
For more information on camps offered by Milligan, email camps@milligan.edu, visit www.milligan.edu/camps or call (423) 461-8410.

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