Reader says Aug. 21 eclipse could be prophetic sign

Published 8:48 am Wednesday, August 16, 2017

To the editor:
The eclipse on August 21, 2017, showcases the beauty and design of God’s creation. Total solar eclipses occur because the sun while 400 times bigger than our moon is also 400 times farther away making the apparent size of both in the sky approximately equal. This is viewed as a remarkable “coincidence” or evidence of intelligent design by a creator. This is so rare with 65 of the major moons in our solar system only earth’s produces a perfect total solar eclipse on their planet.
Many Americans are wrongly excited about seeing the total solar eclipse that goes across America from coast to coast on August 21. The American solar eclipse is a warning sign from God of coming judgment and not entertainment and a reason to celebrate. The Bible says solar eclipses are a sign in Genesis 1. Both evangelist Anne Graham Lotz and Pastor Steve Cioccolanti believe the American eclipse is a possible warning of coming judgment. Lotz said, “Jewish rabbis have traditionally seen solar eclipses as warnings from God to Gentile nations.” They have always been seen as a bad sign. Another total solar eclipse goes across America almost seven years later in the opposite direction making an X across America. This is a bad sign and could be the last warning for America. Americans have X-mas and have removed Jesus. Now it appears God is putting a bull’s eye on America and is going to remove America.
On the Jewish calendar which is God’s calendar August 21 — the day of the eclipse — is the first day of Elul which is a time of repentance (turning from sin and self to God) in preparation for the coming day of judgment and the most holy day 40 days later. In the 1600s an eclipse went over Africa right before many became slaves and lost their freedom or lives. The last time a total solar eclipse crossed the United States was June 8, 1918, and 675,000 people died from a pandemic that year. Prophecy experts are asked, “Does America fit into the end times?” Most say they don’t believe it does.
Absent repentance and revival America is a done deal. America is on the verge of being judged and destroyed by God. America is going to get a tidal wave of judgment from tsunami, great earthquakes and fire. Many Christians like evangelist Perry Stone have had dreams of the power going off all over America and tidal waves destroying America. Unless revival comes it’s all over but the earthquakes and tidal waves of judgment and of course the brimstone! America could get the sudden destruction mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 5, “For when they say peace and safety; then sudden destruction comes.” The United Nations established “The International Day of Peace” and it is observed around the world on September 21. The tribulation is coming. It’s when God shakes terribly the earth. When man shall be humbled and brought low and when God alone shall be exalted. The Bible says in II Corinthians 5, “knowing the terror of the Lord God we persuade men.” The only way to escape the terror coming is to turn from sin and self in repentance and turn to Jesus in faith and believe in His blood, death, burial and resurrection as your only way to heaven and peace with God. Those individuals and nations that have rejected Jesus should be very afraid and they will. Jesus is true news and the only way to escape the coming judgment.

D.D. Nave

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