Young lady’s words of thanks give old veterans encouragement

Published 8:30 am Wednesday, August 23, 2017

To the editor:

Just when you believe things are so bad that freedom and prosperity of the American way of life may be gone forever, something happens to bring us to our senses.
It’s no secret that on a daily basis all around the country old veterans and others gather at their favorite breakfast places to recall those days gone by. McDonald’s at Wal-Mart in Elizabethton is no exception. Recently, a most wonderful, encouraging, and absolutely profound thing happened that surpassed medals of war, accolades of glory, and the simple acknowledgment, “thank you for your service.”
While a group of veterans and others were enjoying laughs and that first cup of morning coffee, a beautiful young lady walked up to our table. With no hesitation or shyness, she asked if we were veterans. As always we were joking around and she got all kinds of humorous answers to her questions. However, a veteran, more focused, gave her the answer she was looking for. “Yes, most of us are veterans,” he answered.
With a smile and a seriousness of commitment, she snapped to attention and saluted all of us, saying “Thank you for what you have done for our country.”
For us as veterans and older citizens those words cut to the quick of each heart and soul. No one got her name as we were so emotionally taken by what had just happened. The young lady returned to her seat while each of us reflected upon the moment of such wisdom and patriotism coming from a young person in today’s society.
Yes, this young lady made our day and gave each of us renewed hope for our country, knowing that at least one young lady has the maturity to understand that America’s freedom didn’t come free….
Young lady, if you read this, “We love you. Thank you so much for the encouragement you have placed in our hearts and souls.”
You are indeed the quality of person this country was built upon and that which we need to lead this country into the future maintaining our freedom and seeking prosperity.

The McDonald’s Coffee Club
at the Elizabethton Wal-Mart

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