Jack of all trades: Dr. Lambert-Drwiega makes impact felt at Sycamore Shoals

Published 5:45 pm Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Growing up near the coal mines in West Virginia, Dr. April Lambert-Drwiega knows all too well the effects of respiratory issues.
As lung disease continually sticks around as a prevalent problem in East Tennessee, Lambert-Drwiega, a pulmonologist, operates a clinic at Sycamore Shoals Hospital to assist locals with various types of lung or breathing problems.
Following her work at East Tennessee State University, Lambert-Drwiega was on a contract with a medical team and serviced Elizabethton’s hospital.
“Toward the end of my contract with the group, I decided I was going to leave. When I told them I was going to leave, they decided they weren’t going to cover Sycamore Shoals, due to their services around being very busy. When they happened, it opened up a spot for me to come here.”
And the doctor wouldn’t have it any other way.
“This was my favorite hospital to visit during that time,” she said. “I love it here. Everyone is like a family, and it’s a great opportunity to meet with patients.”
On Wednesdays, the doctor opens the clinic for a half-day. The plan moving forward, she added, is to open for two half days a week and offer telemedicine for residents in Johnson County.
Having the ability to keep services local was another caveat with the move, Lambert-Drwiega said, with many people from Carter County and Johnson County having to travel to Johnson City for services.
During the days away from the clinic, Lambert-Drwiega covers a variety of facets at Sycamore Shoals, ranging from taking in new consults with respiratory problems to covering the ventilator patients in the ICU.
Citizens can receive a bevy of services from the doctor. The clinic helps patients with COPD, asthma, allergies and other problems. Outpatient pulmonary function tests and select surgeries can also be done on site.
For the future, Lambert-Drwiega sees the Sycamore Shoals being able to offer my specialized care for patients.
And providing care for others is something near and dear to the specialist’s heart. After completing school at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, Lambert-Drwiega finished her residency and fellowship at ETSU and noticed similarities between Virginia and East Tennessee when it comes to lung problems.
While West Virginian at heart, Lambert-Drwiega indicated that she and her husband both loved the area too much to move away. When away from the hospital, Lambert-Drwiega added she loves spending time with her children and taking some time to delve into sewing and decorating.
“Right now I’ve been working on making us matching shirts for our Disney cruise,” she added with a laugh.
Mr. Drwiega works as an engineer and has brought the love of development to their children.
April said their son and daughter both enjoy working with Legos while her daughter also dabbles into the creative side, doing different drawing and types of crafts.
“My children are my everything and truly gifts from God, along with my loving and supportive husband,” she said.
Individuals looking to see Dr. Lambert-Drwiega can set up an appointment by calling (423) 542-8919.

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