County native, Bob Evans’ employee delivers food to terminally-ill woman

Published 10:00 pm Friday, September 22, 2017

Kind actions of Kerri Roark quickly made their way up the corporate ladder.
Roark is a Carter County native and works as the assistant manager at the Bob Evans restaurant in Johnson City and was quick to answer the call of one dedicated customer.
Last week, Roark was contacted by the family of a woman from Blaine, Tenn., who is terminally ill. While it was noted the woman wasn’t expected to live long, it was made apparent that she could still each and was hoping to have an order of Bob Evans’ biscuits and gravy.
With the closet Bob Evans to Blaine being in Johnson City, the family called the store and asked if the food order could be overnighted to Blaine.
Roark quickly spoke with superiors and volunteered to deliver the food to Blaine, an hour-and-40-minute trip and provided the food to the family, free of charge.
Bob Evans CEO Saed Mohseni commended the efforts of the assistant manager.
“Kerri clearly has lived up to the spirit of what Bob Evans is all about, hospitality and serving guests,” Mohseni said in a statement issued to the Elizabethton Star Friday. “Whether at our restaurants or somewhere else, our goal is to take care of people. After all, our founder Bob Evans always said ‘we treat strangers like friends, and friends like family’.”
Family of the woman recently made the trip down from Pennsylvania to Tennessee and visited Roark at the Johnson City office to thank her for the delivery.

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