‘I love my pet’ stickers distributed by Louie Greene

Published 9:28 am Thursday, September 28, 2017

Louie Greene has a soft spot not only for people, but for pets.

Recently, while out driving around he spotted a sticker on a car, declaring the owner’s love for their pet. “I was touched by that sticker because I’m an animal person and have two dogs. Both are shelter dogs that I adopted when they were six weeks old,” said Greene.

The sticker simply said “I love my rescue pet!” and had paw prints on it.

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When Greene saw the sticker, he not only liked it, but the wheels began turning in his mind. He began figuring how many people would see that sticker in a day’s time, in a week, and a year.

“As many as 36,500 people could see one of these stickers during a year’s time, assuming that 100 people a day saw one on a car,” Greene said.

As a result, Greene had 2,000 stickers printed with that same message, except he added the message: “Spay and Neuter saves lives!”

He has left some of the stickers at the Elizabethton-Carter County Animal Shelter, the Washington County Animal Shelter, and at Big John’s in Elizabethton. Anyone who like to have one of the stickers can pick it up at one of these three locations.

Greene is very fond of his two dogs — Corkie, a cocker-spaniel mixed breed, and Anna, a pit bull mixed breed, who is now 11 years old.
“I saw Corkie’s picture in the Elizabethton STAR, and I immediately fell in love with her. She was just six weeks old and needed a home. I quickly called the animal shelter and said, ‘Hold that dog, I’ll be there tomorrow to pick her up.’ Both Corkie and Anna are great pets,” Greene shared.

A big advocate of the animal shelter, both Anna and Corkie’s name are on two of the bricks at the animal shelter. “Mike Barnett and his committee are doing a great job at the shelter, and I would advise anyone looking for a pet, to check out the dogs and cats being cared for at the animal shelter,” Greene said.

And, while you’re there, pick up one of the stickers declaring your love for your new pet, and place it on your car or truck, compliments of Louie Greene.