HHS students capture honors at TSA Regionals

Published 5:30 pm Friday, December 1, 2017

Students from the Career Technical Education programs at Hampton High School recently captured honors at the Technology Student Association’s regional competition.

After the scores were tallied, the students brought home five first place wins, four second place wins, and two third place wins in a variety of competition categories.

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Alex Hardin captured first place in the Flight Endurance competition while his classmate Lillian Street captured second place.

For the competition Hardin and Street each had to construct airplanes from balsa wood and mylar.

“It’s powered by a rubber band,” Street explained. “You put turns on it and that gives you torque, which gives you lift.”

The students submit two videos of their plane’s flight for the competition and the students are scored on the plane’s construction and flight time. Both Hardin and Street had flight times of just over two minutes long.

Following their wins at the regional competition, Hardin and Street are now preparing to compete at the state level.

“We’re shooting for three minutes,” Hardin said.

At the state competition and at nationals, the students will have to fly their planes at the event rather than submitting a video. They will receive two test flights during the competition.

Caley Blevins captured first place in the Essays on Technology competition. For the event Blevins had to prepare an essay.

“They gave me two texts I had to read and then I had 90 minutes to write an essay,” Blevins said. One text was written from a positive viewpoint regarding advances in technology while the other was from a negative viewpoint.

“I  had to write an essay about which author persuaded me more on technology’s impact on society,” Blevins said.

Katie Jenkins garnered first place honors in the Prepared Presentation competition.

“I had to make a presentation on how technological advances affect the job market and career preparation,” Jenkins said.

The presentation had to include a three to five minute talk as well as a powerpoint presentation. Jenkins received her assigned topic on Nov. 16 which gave her a few days to prepare for the competition on Nov. 22.

“When I go to state, I’ll get it 24 hours in advance, then have to create the presentation and give it,” Jenkins said.

Cody Vines captured first place in the Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Architecture event.

“We were tasked with making a floor plan and elevations for a two-story house,” Vines said, adding they also had to create a section view of the home’s kitchen.

The students were given a list of specifications to follow in creating their home.

Zack Oliver brought home first place in the CAD Engineering competition.

For this event, the students received drawing sheets for eight different parts to construct a nutcracker and had to draw the pieces out as well as how to fit them together.

“We had to design the fastening pieces,” Oliver said.

Oliver and Vines teamed up to take on another event in the regional competition and garnered second place in the Technical Problem Solving event. For this part of the contest, Oliver and Vines had one hour to design a ramp and see how long it took a golf ball to roll down it while working toward the longest time possible.

The team of Travis Boggs and Shyanne Tuelle captured second place honors in the Structural Engineering competition while their classmates, the team of Trevor Eller and Zach Story, picked up third place in the event.

For this competition, the students had to use balsa wood to construct a truss girder (or bridge crane). The judges then tested the structure’s load-bearing capability. The students were scored based on a ratio of how much weight their structure could bear compared to the actual weight of the structure.

The truss girder constructed by Boggs and Tuelle weighed just over 20 grams but held 22 pounds of weight. Eller and Story’s structure also weighed around 20 grams and held 18 pounds.

Alex Tolley brought home second place honors in the Music Production competition.

For this event, Tolley was tasked with creating an original piece of music. For his entry, Tolley wrote a piece of music utilizing guitar, a keyboard, and drums. He played all the instruments himself and then engineered and mixed the produced recording.

Trinity Camillo garnered third place honors in the Photographic Technology competition. For the event, students were tasked with taking photographs showing the relationship between technology and nature — specifically either technology taking over nature or nature taking over technology — and submit two black and white images, two color images, and then an additional image of their choice.

“I decided to do technology taking over nature,” Camillo said, adding that she captured photographs of a hydroelectric dam and powerlines.

Other students taking part in this year’s TSA Regional Competition were Harley Hill, Jessica Royse, Landen Street, and Weston Street.