Reader advocates voting for Christian leaders

Published 9:01 am Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Thanks to the Star for printing the announcement of candidacy for each candidate as this helps in the comparison of the candidates. Early voting is April 11 through April 26 and election day is Tuesday, May 1, 2018. This is an important election to pick the leadership of Carter County for the next four years.
Who is the greatest leader and manager? In his book Ken Blanchard, the world’s leading author of management books, says he found the answer. Blanchard said, “Everything I had ever taught or written about effective leadership Jesus did to perfection, beyond my ability to portray or describe. I realized that Christians have more in Jesus than just a spiritual leader; we have a practical and effective leadership model for all organizations, for all people, for all situations.” Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodge have a book, “Lead like Jesus.”
Pastor Rick Warren said, “One of the world’s greatest problems is ego-centric, self-serving leadership-leaders who think people exist for their benefit, instead of vice versa. In stark contrast Jesus modeled servant leadership, leading by example. Jesus said, ‘I came to serve , not to be served.’ Now 2000 years later, Jesus has over 2 billion followers, which makes Him the undisputed greatest leader of all time. No one else comes close! This is why you need to know how to lead like Jesus. He is the only flawless example. This is why our candidates for leadership positions in Carter County should read the Bible and lead like Jesus. Voters should vote for candidates who attend church and will lead like Jesus. Pray that our leaders follow Jesus as they lead. Voters should vote based on morals and facts not emotions.
Bob Briner in his book, “The Management Methods of Jesus,” found the same thing. He said, “the all time greatest management entrepreneur is Jesus. Just look at what he accomplished. By any measurement standard, the empirical evidence bears witness that the organization founded by Jesus is the most successful of all time. Jesus reigns supreme as the greatest manager the world has ever known.” By hiring the brilliant, energetic Paul, Jesus strengthened his organization while at the same time weakening the competition. Logically, if God did some management and leadership wouldn’t it be the best?
Christian leadership writer John C. Maxwell also said God is the Ultimate leader. He says we need to follow the Ultimate leader and learn His leadership lessons. The book of Proverbs is filled with great wisdom. Jesus is sovereign over all things, which means He has a perspective His people should share about everything. We are interested in knowing if our candidates, church and political leaders are doing things for their own glory, or for God’s. That’s the defining issue or great divide in life because our chief purpose in life is to glorify and worship Jesus and enjoy Him now and forever!

D.D. Nave

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