Elizabethton High students to perform at Bonnie Kate

Published 5:03 pm Thursday, April 19, 2018

City high school students continue to make an impact at one local historic area.

Elizabethton High School’s Drama Club will take center stage over the next two weekends to offer performances of “Leading Ladies” inside the Bonnie Kate Theater.

The performances are scheduled to take place April 20-21 and 27-28 at 7:30 p.m. each night.

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Tickets will be available at the door prior to showtime with a $7 cost for general admission and $5 for students.

“I wanted a comedy and I wanted Shakespeare but I also wanted some quality female roles. Shakespeare is quoted many times and the plot of Twelfth Night is the base of the play, so it had everything I was looking for,” Meg Foster, drama teacher, said about selecting the play for students.

Described as an “I Love Lucy-style tale of mistaken identity,” the performance is set in the 1950s with washed-up British actors, Leo and Jack, making the rounds to perform two-man Shakespearean shows. The summary of the show provided by Foster indicates the duo “wind up in York, Pennsylvania, and discover that a woman in the town is looking for her long-lost relatives, Max and Steve, to leave her fortune. Leo and Jack decide to pose as Max and Steve only to find out that they are nicknames for her nieces, Maxine and Stephanie. They decide to pose as them anyway, but along the way, they meet friends and family of the woman and get more than money — they find laughter and love.”

EHS students JP Abner, Jarrett Cox and Mattie Carr handle the roles of the main characters of the show while the rest of the department will also showcase their acting chops during the performances.

Having the ability to have a more light-hearted performance is the perfect way to cap off the school year, Foster said.

“Tiffany Hill, a senior, approached me last year and said, ‘can our last play be fun?’ … That’s what this is,” she added. “We’re not taking ourselves too seriously here. If we can give the audience a good laugh and a good time, we have provided a night of quality entertainment. It would be hard to find a better cast for this production. They have worked very hard and have had a wonderful time and I’m sure that will be reflected in their performance.”

Performances continue to haul in sizeable crowds at the Bonnie Kate. For more information on the facility, be sure to check out the Bonnie Kate Theater Restoration Project Facebook page online.