Election canvasing complete, write-in candidate fails in nomination bid

Published 5:35 pm Monday, May 7, 2018

Election canvasing for the May 1 Primary Election is now complete and the results will be presented to the Carter County Election Commission next week for certification.

“We had one provision ballot that counted and one that did not,” Carter County Administrator of Elections Tracy Harris said.

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During the canvasing process, election officials review the machine tapes for each machine used during the election to ensure that each vote is properly counted.

The election results will be presented to the Carter County Election Commission on Monday, May 14, at 9 a.m. during their meeting. The Election Commission will then certify the results, making them official, and forward them on to the Tennessee Division of Elections.

Election officials also count and review write-in ballots during the canvasing process.

During the May 1 Primary Election, there was one certified write-in candidate — David Campbell who was seeking the Republican nomination for one of two constable spots in the county’s 8th District. Under state law, in order for an individual to run a write-in campaign, he or she must first complete paperwork through their local Election Commission to become a certified write-in candidate. Votes cast for individuals who are not certified as write-in candidates will not be counted, according to Harris.

Each district in the county elects two candidates to serve as constables for the district. In the county’s 8th District, the only candidate who qualified as a candidate on the ballot was Dave Ryan. After the candidate qualification deadline, David Campbell filed an application to become a certified write-in candidate and was certified.

However, according to Harris, Campbell failed to garner enough votes to win the Republican nomination, so Ryan is moving on to the August General Election as the only Republican nominee for constable in the 8th District.

Harris said Campbell received three write-in votes in the Primary Election.

“To be the nominee, you need 5 percent of the registered voters, and for the 8th District that is 184,” Harris said.

While he did not garner enough votes to become a Republican nominee for the two constable slots, Harris said Campbell can file a certificate to run as a write-in candidate in the August 2 General Election.

In the General Election, Harris said the rules are different regarding the number of write-in votes needed. To become a party nominee the candidate must get at least 5 percent of the vote, but in the General Election, the candidate does not have a percentage threshold to meet, Harris said.