3 charged with attempted murder in connection with assault

Published 5:10 pm Friday, June 29, 2018

Three people are facing attempted murder charges after police began investigating reports of a video being circulated that depicted a man being beaten with a baseball bat and then stabbed.

Deputies of the Carter County Sheriff’s Department arrested Kasey Miller, 31, of 1932 Bristol Highway, Elizabethton, Michael Silcox, 41, 197 Carl Smith Road, Hampton, and Matthew Dye, 20, no address available, and charged each of them with attempted first-degree murder.

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According to court documents, a drug investigator with the CCSO was contacted on June 26 by an individual wanting to give officers information about narcotics being sold.

“While speaking to the informant he mentioned a video he saw on Kasey Miller’s phone,” the officer said in the affidavit of complaint against Miller. “The informant stated they saw Kasey Miller beating a male subject with a bat and left him for dead. The informant stated Kasey Miller was showing them the video in a way to show what she is capable of doing.”

On June 27, the undercover CCSO officer was assisting an Elizabethton Police Department officer with a call when another individual regarding the video contacted him.

“The informant stated they saw a video of Kasey Miller beating a male subject with a bat to the point the male was laying on the ground being beat,” the officer said in the affidavit. “The informant went on to say Kasey then requested an unknown male in the video to step on the victim’s arm. The unknown male then stepped on the victim’s arm while he was laying on the ground and then stabbed him in the neck three times.”

The officer said the informant did not recognize any of the males shown in the video but did recognize Miller as well as the background area in the video, which the informant said was in the vicinity of Slagle’s Pasture and Bristol Highway.

That same day, the office said EPD officers obtained permission from Miller to search her phone and then downloaded the phone’s contents. According to court documents, the officers found the video described by the two informants.

“The video starts out with Kasey Miller saying ‘I give you that dope and my dope.’ Kasey Miller appears to be accusing the unknown victim of ripping her off of narcotics,” the officer said in the affidavit. “Kasey Miller then states ‘I’m going to count to five and then we’re done.’ Kasey Miller counts to five then begins to strike the unknown victim with what appears to be a bat. As the victim is being struck he is saying ‘I didn’t steal the dope.’”

“Kasey Miller beats the victim to the ground and forces him to lay flat on his back and states ‘Bring me that knife,’” the affidavit continues. “An unknown male then enters into the view of the video with what appears to be a knife in his right hand. As the male approaches the victim, Kasey Miller is standing over top the victim and says standing on him. The male then stands on the victim’s right arm, looks over top of him, says ‘hey’ then jabs him in the neck three times with what appears to be a knife.”

Through the investigation, officers identified Dye and Silcox as being involved in the incident.

Both Dye and Silcox appeared in Carter County General Sessions Court on Friday morning for arraignment.

Assistant District Attorney Tim Horne asked General Sessions Court Judge Keith Bowers Jr. to raise the bond in the case for all three defendants.

Bowers increased the bond for Silcox to $250,000. Dye was out on bond in a pending violation of probation case at the time of this arrest, and Bowers revoked his bond in that matter and ordered him held without bond until further order of the court.

Miller was not arraigned on Friday due to the fact she had been placed on suicide watch in the Carter County Detention Center according to Bowers, who said he would arraign Miller after she had been cleared from suicide watch. “I want to wait until the appropriate mental health people can see her,” Bowers said.

Horne informed the court that Miller had been out on bond in General Sessions Court on charges of possession of Schedule VI drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia and also out on bond out of Criminal Court on charges of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, and aggravated child abuse and neglect. Horne said Assistant District Attorney Janet Hardin is petitioning Criminal Court to revoke Miller’s bond in the case in that court, and he asked Bowers to revoke her bond in the pending General Sessions Court case.

Bowers ordered Miller’s bond revoked in the pending drug case but said he would reserve any ruling on increasing her bond in the attempted murder case until the court arraigns her.