City: Illegal dumping an issue at Mill Street center

Published 4:57 pm Thursday, July 26, 2018

With three different recycling centers scattered throughout Elizabethton, city officials are asking for the public’s help in keeping one maintained properly.

Danny Hilbert, Elizabethton Street and Sanitation director, told the Elizabethton Star Tuesday that each of the three centers — Lions Field parking lot, Pine Ridge Circle and Mill Street — have proven to be an asset with citizens using the areas. But one location has recently seen an influx of excessive dumping, according to Hilbert, leading trash to be scattered in the parking lot and surrounding area, causing extra maintenance and an eyesore for the community.

“Out of all the areas, we’re seeing a lot of traffic at the Mill Street center,” Hilbert said. “Due to the traffic and accessibility, we’ve been seeing a lot of trash and other recyclable materials being dumped on the ground when the bins are full.”

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City officials are asking for the citizens’ assistance when it comes to patrolling the location.

“When a bin is full, we encourage the public to visit the Carter County Recycling Center on Cherokee Park Drive,” Hilbert said. “It’s open throughout the week. When the bins are full, we can’t handle anymore. We’re asking the public’s help in keeping the Mill Street area serviced and to use other alternatives if the area is full.

“We want to be able to offer recycling centers to the public because we believe it is important for the community,” Hilbert continued. “Each of the other two locations don’t have this problem. If a center gets abused like the one at Mill Street, it really makes us take a second look at if it really is an asset.”

Bins at each location are serviced by the Carter County Landfill.

“We appreciate all the work Benny Lyons (Carter County Landfill director) and his staff does at each location,” he said. “They service the bins two times a week due to their already busy workload. The Pine Ridge and Lions Field centers are both in great condition. We’re just seeing an issue at Mill Street.”

Each area is surrounded with bins to take in recyclable material only. Hilbert added that the Mill Street location does have video surveillance and that when someone dumps material on the ground, it is illegal.

“If this continues to be an issue with people dumping trash and recyclable items, we do have cameras at the area,” he said. “If we’re able to get a shot of the license plate when someone dumps material on the ground, we will work with the city police department to take the necessary steps to enforce the law.”