Committee members work toward official KAB status

Published 5:41 pm Thursday, August 16, 2018

Consider the mission simple — keep Carter County beautiful.

That is the mindset for members part of the newly created Keep Carter County Beautiful Board, a group that met inside the Carter County Courthouse Wednesday evening to look at the last steps of becoming a Keep America Beautiful partner.

Wednesday’s meeting was a long time coming according to Ed Jordan, founder of Carter County Proud. Just a couple of years removed from its creation, Carter County Proud was able to find a partner — the Carter County Office of Economic and Community Development — to assist with the affiliation process to become part of the KAB family.

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On July 31 the formation of Keep Carter County Beautiful officially took shape, with funding in place from county and city entities. The group is recognized as part of KAB and is now in the process of wrapping up the application process to become officially incorporated with the group.

Once fully incorporated with the KAB, the Carter County branch can officially apply for grants and other necessary items to help fund anti-litter and trash programs across the area.

“We’re currently in the process of compiling data and organizing the structure of the Keep Carter County Beautiful Board. Today’s meeting is to continue the training to make sure we check all the boxes to get everything situated,” Jordan said Wednesday.

Thursday was all about getting all the ducks in a row, Jordan added.

KCCB is now recognized as a government entity that will operate out of Carter County Courthouse. Carter County Proud will stay in existence, Jordan added, and start the transition of becoming a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to create fundraising initiatives to facilitate various projects around the county.

While KCCB is being recognized as an organization with KAB ties, Jordan added the group is going through a “vetting” process by the national organization.

One of the items tackled was the structure of the KCCB Board. The seven board members in attendance voted unanimously to place Jordan as the chairman.

While Carter County Proud checked a lot of boxes needed for the new KCCB Board to fulfill the application process, Jordan added the goal moving now is to compile community data on the issues of litter on roadways and other specific areas within the county. Once data is compiled in the coming days, that, along with other pieces of information, will be submitted to KAB. The national organization will then use the data to provide additional training to the KCCB Board.

Jordan added the KCCB Board expects official partnership with KAB within six months.

To get involved with the group, email or call (423) 542-5293.