TAD students hope to give back to peers with project

Published 4:57 pm Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Seeing the impact made by Jackie Hitechew and her daughter, Tyanna, a pair of eighth-grade students from T.A. Dugger Junior High are leading the charge to help their fellow classmates.

It has been a busy school year so far for Caitlin Taylor and Nolan Chambers. The duo has balanced their classwork with a variety of activities and is in the process of bulking up the school’s clothing closet.

Both students are part of the school’s installment of the Bartleby program and have hit the ground running with the project, according to teacher Robin McKamey, who is helping the students with the cause.

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Created out of McKamey’s class, the goal of bulking up the closet came after a decision by the students to help their classmates.

“We really wanted to do a big project to help with the student body,” Taylor said. “We were going to do a garden by the library but we decided we wanted to something that would help the student body more than just a garden.”

During the 2017-18 school year, McKamey was quick to point out the efforts of Jackie and Tyanna. The duo helped create a closet that included different toiletries and other items that could be available for students.

With a foundation in place, Taylor and Chambers are now in the process of growing the closet, with clothes, toiletries, school supplies and any other items that could help benefit students who may be without during the school year.

“We already have some of the stuff,” Chambers said. “But our goal right now is to make it bigger and expand it.”

Students at the school who are willing to donate are encouraged to donate if possible, Chambers and Taylor said.

“We’ve already called a bunch of stores about supporting the project. We’re definitely excited about it,” Taylor said with a smile.

The general public can also get involved. Individuals wanting to donate items for school-aged children can either contact the school or contact McKamey via text at (423) 957-0243.

While the program is currently in the beginning phases, the students are hoping to see the initiative grow for the student body in the future.

“I would love to see it grow and see it continue,” Chambers said. “When we go on to high school, I would love to look back and see other students take the project and keep it growing.”