Factory Connection continues their first food drive this holiday season

Published 8:10 am Monday, December 3, 2018

As the holiday season arrives, many stores are setting up their food or clothing drives. One store has had trouble securing donations, but their spirit of giving has not yet diminished.

Factory Connection, a clothing store behind Zaxby’s on W. Elk Avenue, Elizabethton, has been running a canned food drive for Feeding the Multitude since November 12 of this year. After three weeks of collecting canned food, Store Manager Kathy Sherer said the results could be better.

“The results have been satisfactory,” Sherer said. “We are hoping for greater success during December.”

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The store is hosting the food drive to go towards Feeding the Multitude, a program spanning multiple churches and organizations across the county.

Benny Buck, a member of the organization’s board, came by the store Friday afternoon to pick up the three boxes worth of canned foods Factory Connection had been able to raise for the month of December. He will come by again on December 21.

“We gave out over 10,000 meals last year,” Buck said.

Sherer said this is the store’s first year running the food drive.

“We tell people about it at check-out, and we have been talking about it on Facebook,” she said.

Sherer said she wanted the food drive to help people who needed it.

“There are a lot of people who are down on their luck,” she said. “This can help them have a better Thanksgiving and a better Christmas.”

Buck said his job helps him assist others in one of the only ways he can.

“I cannot help people financially,” Buck said. “I love doing this because I know I have the opportunity to help people. People do the best they can, but many just need some help sometimes.”

Buck said the organization gives out the meals to families who need them every Saturday, at the TLC Community Center.

Assistant Manager Stacie Bennett said the food drive is about perspective.

“Put your family in their shoes,” Bennett said. “It could easily be you who needs the help.”

Sherer said this year’s food drive is only the beginning of where she wants to take Factory Connection in the community.

“I plan on doing this in the future,” Sherer said. “This is a starting place to keep giving.”

For those interested in donating, Factory Connection has donation boxes in the front of their store, next to Go Grocery Outlet behind Zaxby’s. The store will continue to collect donations until December 21.