First Baptist Church to host Christmas Concert for Isaiah House

Published 8:07 am Wednesday, December 5, 2018

When charities are new and small, they rely heavily on the support from donations from individuals and organizations. First Baptist Church is hoping they can stir up support from both groups.

Jamie Schaff, a secretary at Harold McCormick Elementary and part of First Baptist Church’s music program, is organizing a Christmas Concert in an effort to raise money for Elizabethton’s Isaiah 117 House.

“We wanted to pick a local charity,” Schaff said. “We wanted to show we are here and willing to help.”

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The House serves as a home for children who have been displaced from their homes due to living conditions. Normally, these children go to the Department of Children’s Services to await placement in a foster care system, but Schaff said these children often need a more comforting place to stay.

She said the service they provide was part of the reason she chose to hold the concert for them.

“Christmas is about the children,” Schaff said.

The concert will feature many local talents, including Fred Goodwin and Loretta Bowers. Schaff and two of her friends will also perform during the concert, as well as First Baptist’s pastor, Todd Hallman.

“I work in an educational field, and I have seen these children removed from their homes,” she said. “I know they need [the Isaiah House].”

This is not the church’s first charity concert. This past April, First Baptist held a concert for Recovery Soldiers, a faith-based program meant to help men recover from addictions.

Schaff said she has been organizing the concert since May.

“Everything has been falling into place,” she said. “It is exciting to be giving back to the community.”

Schaff said she hopes the concert encourages people to be more thoughtful of donating to charities such as the Isaiah House in the future.

“I hope the community realizes the value of giving to charities throughout the year,” she said.

Schaff said she believes the Isaiah House will continue to expand based on the donations they receive from the community, both from the concert and in the future.

The concert will take place at First Baptist Church, located at 212 East F St. The concert will begin at 6 p.m. on December 16.