Citizen bemoans traffic woes on new road

Published 8:43 am Monday, December 24, 2018

To the Editor:
With regard to the Mary Patton Parkway:
I’m speaking for those of us residents who live along the segment of West G Street and what was formerly Linda Circle who are directly impacted with the horrendous traffic/noise during rush hours thanks to the “traffic improvement” of Mary Patton Parkway.
Not only is it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to enter and exit our driveways without hoping some helpful soul comes along to let us do so, but we who reside on the former Linda Circle have our homes blasted with the truckers bleeding off their engine compression when coming down the hill toward G Street in addition to those drag racing from the traffic light up the hill and their loud exhaust systems, then the motorcycles in the same category right out of our front doors!
This is an abysmal environment to even try to dwell in. Surely property values have tanked for homes in this immediate area. And, all we have to look forward to is the imminent proliferation of MORE traffic, noise, congestion with the homes that will be built, the city park, etc.
All I can say is thanks TN DOT for making our lives miserable to what was once upon a time a decent area to live. Yes, this parkway has been an improvement in the lives of people in Carter County/Elizabethton, and others; but it has also been a nightmare for those of us who have to put up with these circumstances on a daily/nightly basis.

Andrew Grindstaff

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