Man sets goals for 2019

Published 9:16 am Friday, December 28, 2018

By Greg Miller © 2018
Allen was thrilled about celebrating Christmas, because he viewed it as an opportunity to tell the world about his savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Allen felt it was his responsibility to take advantage of every opportunity to witness about Jesus. One of Allen’s favorite Scripture verses was First Timothy 1:15, “‘This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.’”
When asked about his choice of favorite Scriptures, Allen would reply, “I know Paul felt he was the chiefest of sinners, but I sort of think I may have been the biggest sinner before I came to the Lord for salvation.”
Although Allen enjoyed Christmas and celebrated the birth of the savior from the very center of his heart, when Christmas faded into history, he began concentrating on the new year. His primary concern, however, wasn’t the glitz and glamor of the holiday but on setting goals by which he could honor and glorify the Lord during the coming year.
Right after Christmas, Allen began setting goals by which he could glorify God in the coming year. “I don’t call them ‘New Year’s Resolutions,’” Allen told his wife, Allena. “They are more than just resolutions. I am determined to do all these things to honor and glorify the Lord and to witness of His power in my life.”
Allen began prayerfully concentrating on his goals for the year 2019. The first item on his list was “Every day in the coming year, I will pray and seek God’s will for my life for that individual day, read multiple passages from His Holy Word, the Bible, and tell at least one person at least one thing with which God has blessed me.”
“I know you do this every year,” said Allena, “but this year would it be okay if I join you on this annual journey?”
“It would be more than okay!” Allen exclaimed. “It would be absolutely marvelous! In fact, I’ve just started my list for 2019, but it can be our list, not just mine!”
Allen shared the first item on his list with Allena. “I think you’ve done a super job on your list,” she said.
“Thanks, honey, but I’ve just started making the list,” Allen replied.
“Well, I think the Lord blessed you as you prayed before you started making the list, because if we do all three things every day that you’ve mentioned, God will be very happy with us for our effort to honor Him!”
“Yes, I surely will!” whispered the Sovereign Lord. “I surely will!”
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