How to overcome a lack of motivation

Published 8:35 am Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Metro — Lack of motivation can affect anyone in any aspect of their lives. Days at the office when motivation is difficult to muster can adversely affect productivity, while lack of motivation at home can have a negative impact on individuals and their families.
Periodic lack of motivation might not be too problematic so long as it does not extend past a single day. But people might find themselves in a rut that’s tough to get out of if their lack of motivation extends for several days or longer. In such instances, individuals can try the following strategies to get themselves back on track.
• Write down some short- and long-term goals. Motivation might be wane when individuals feel as though they have little direction in life. Jotting down some short- and long-term goals can be just the kick in the pants people need to get back in the swing of things.
• Start planning. Simply jotting down your goals likely won’t be enough to inspire action. Once you have determined your immediate and long-term goals, start developing a plan to achieve them. A successful first step may provide all the motivation you need to keep going forward.
• Share your goals. Sharing your goals with loved ones can be a great way to get and stay motivated. If your goals are complicated, loved ones can serve as the support system you need to keep going if or when you hit a bump in the road. And once you’ve shared your goals, you may be motivated to keep pursuing them so you can make your loved ones proud.
• Celebrate small successes. Short-term goals often pave the way toward achieving your long-term goals. For example, you can’t lose 20 pounds until you have lost five. Celebrate the benchmarks that are integral to achieving your long-term goals. Don’t discount your efforts by focusing on how small some successes may be. Each small success will ultimately be part of a larger success, and that’s worth of celebrating.

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