Mother questions decision to dismiss son from Carter County Youth League team

Published 9:13 am Monday, January 7, 2019

To the Editor:
I’m writing in regards to what I consider an unjust and unfair decision done to my seven-year-old son, Jordan Cosey.
Jordan is an avid basketball player and loves playing basketball. He is a starting point guard for Valley Forge Elementary Jr. Cadet 2 with the Carter County Youth Ball League and so far this season they are undefeated. Jordan has been playing basketball with this team since pre-k. On Saturday, Dec. 29, Jordan played a benefit game with some of his friends to raise money for St. Jude Hospital. I was very proud of Jordan and had posted a picture of him of this benefit on my facebook page. He was so happy to be helping with this fundraiser for St. Jude!
During the time apparently another parent saw my post and took a screen shot of it and sent it to the president of the Carter County Youth Basketball League, Wayne Stout. I received a call from Crystal Blevins, who is the president for Valley Forge Youth Club, that Mr. Stout had informed her that Jordan had broken league rules and was not going to be able to play the rest of the season. So essentially my son has been kicked off his ball team.
My question was, “What League Rule”? I was told he violated the rule saying that he cannot take part in any other league or organization during the season of the Youth Club. I do not understand because my son was only playing a benefit game for St. Jude for charity and he has not joined another league or organization or new team! This was simply a pick up game with friends for a charity. No different than getting together with friends to play at the park.
I am wanting answers from the board members of the Carter County Youth League, but they have not given me any. Nor will they provide a number, email, or any way for me to speak to Mr. Stout on behalf of my son! I was also told that Mr. Stout would not let the youth president give me his number either due to the abundant calls/complaints he has already received. But this is my son he is talking about! I was told this would be addressed during the next meeting. When asked when and where this meeting was, again no information is provided for me. Why are these meetings closed and not open to the public for parents to participate? I pay a fee for my son to play and if his fate with his ball team is going to be discussed at this meeting then I feel I should have the right to be present as so should other parents to speak on the behalf of our children and a league that we pay to participate in! As far as the league rules, they are vague and don’t specify the difference between a league team and an unofficial just for fun team that was only made up for a charity benefit! I feel the president and board members are not seeking the best interest of the kids since Jordan is in an undefeated season and now he and the whole team will suffer from a simple misunderstanding!
Jordan is being punished for something he isn’t even old enough to understand. As a parent, I am outraged that the board can make such decisions about a child and team without any rebuttal from the parents for their defense! The other parent was allowed to send a simple picture, but I am not allowed to speak with someone or even challenge the rules or decision on his behalf! Where is the justification in this? Where are our rights as parents in this league? As parents we should unite and fight for the rights of our children and have these rules changed to where the rules are more clarified and punishments specifically stated, as they are not stated on the initial sign up sheet. Since we pay a fee to play, we should be able to participate in meetings, rules, and decisions regarding the Youth Club our children participate in.
Certainly, the board and the president do not have the best interest of our children if they are willing to ruin my son’s and his teammates’ undefeated basketball season over a rule that technically hasn’t even been broken. I am thankful for the Valley Forge Youth Club President, coaches and parents for fighting for the rights of my son and our children but this is ultimately a ruling that needs to be changed and parents’ rights be reinstated in this league! I also have to question the league president’s motives since he does coach an opposing team! Would he make a decision of this magnitude if it was a child on his team???

Thank you,
Heather Allen

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