Raw milk use endangered by proposed bill

Published 8:38 am Monday, January 14, 2019

To the Editor:
Our God-given right and freedom to choose what we eat and drink as Tennesseans is under attack.
In 2009, a bill was passed that allowed for individuals to purchase a partial interest in a dairy animal to obtain raw milk for their personal use. A new bill has been introduced for consideration to change state legislation that would make herd shares in a raw dairy herd illegal and take away yet another option for obtaining healthful food. Not only is this taking away your freedom, it is also going to hurt many farmers.
Each day we hear of more and more farms being put out of business. This will only be adding more farms to the list. There have been many food recalls in the previous year with links to food borne illnesses, most notably romaine lettuce, ground beef, and frozen foods; yet, no bills have been introduced to legislate them out of distribution. A single, highly publicized incident should not dictate state legislation.
Statistically speaking, fresh unprocessed milk is safe. Many farmers who provide raw milk for herd share owners spend countless hours and dollars ensuring the health of their animals while also taking the time and money to have the milk tested on a regular basis to ensure its safety.
I urge you to stand up for our freedoms and take action! Please contact your local state representative and urge them to vote against TN SB0015.

Amanda Henson
Bluff City

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