Today’ becomes an important word for couple in New Year

Published 9:10 am Friday, January 18, 2019

By Greg Miller © 2018
Gerald had become convinced of the importance of the word “today.”
“I can’t do anything to change yesterday,” he confided to his wife, Geraldine. “So I must do everything I can to make meaningful changes to the lives of others ‘today.’”
Geraldine believed her husband had been given a great amount of wisdom from the Sovereign Lord. “I agree with you, honey,” she told Gerald. “You’re absolutely right.”
Although Gerald tried his best to live in the present moment of “today,” he recognized the importance of learning from the mistakes of yesterday. “If we don’t correct yesterday’s mistakes, we will most certainly repeat them and they will be the mistakes of the future,” he stated.
As Gerald transitioned from yesterday to today with the arrival of each new year, he always thanked God for helping him to see his mistakes from previous years and learn from those errors. “I know Jesus never sinned, so I’m asking that the mind of Christ be in me and work out His will in my life today!” he prayed.
When the new year of 2019 was born, with a sincere heart Gerald asked the Lord for a new sense of being led by the Holy Spirit. Both he and Geraldine both felt an intense calling to use the Internet in a greater way to reach non-Christians with the good news of Jesus Christ. Geraldine started a blog in which she taught her readers how to create online games to draw young people to the Cross of Christ for salvation. Gerald continued writing his online devotions and Christian short stories to uplift the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
One evening, Gerald and Geraldine were discussing the new year. Both of them were thankful that the Lord had given them another year to live for Him. They were thankful that they had a Christian mate with whom to serve the Sovereign Lord. They were thankful for the power of the Holy Spirit who allowed them to live a powerful life of praise to the Lord.
Geraldine asked her husband, “Dear, when you get to heaven, do you think you’re going to miss anything about earth?”
“I don’t think so, sweetheart,” replied Gerald. “Will you miss anything?”
I can’t say that I will actually miss anything,” Geraldine responded, “but there is one thing that might take getting a little used to.”
“What’s that, honey?” Gerald answered.
“Well,” Geraldine grinned shyly, “I’ve gotten so used to using the Internet to communicate on earth, in heaven I might feel a bit out of place until I come to the realization that I no longer have to log on!”
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