Milligan College’s Dean List to receive honors during Family Weekend events

Published 8:10 am Monday, February 4, 2019

Families work hard to “bring home the bacon,” and while college students often put in the same amount of work, and maybe just a little bit more, the end goal is slightly different. Milligan College students work to “bring home the mug.”

Milligan College will be hosting its Family Weekend events next week, and among them is a special occasion.

Director of Campus Activities Jason Onks said Saturday, February 9 will feature the university recognizing over 500 students for making it onto the Dean’s List.

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“We have a little over 800 students on campus, so this is a big deal,” Onks said.

He said it is a formal ceremony, taking place that day at the Seegar Chapel. Recipients of the honor will get to shake the Dean’s hand and receive their certificate.

“You get some students who view it as unimpressive because they naturally do that well,” he said. “You get other students, though, they work really hard to get the mug.”

The mug is the other prize for making it onto the Dean’s List: a simple glass mug of a solid color with “Milligan College Dean’s List” followed by the given year.

Onks said the mug is not worth very much cost-wise, but said students will often work and study hard just to get it.

“Students will tell me ‘Jason, I have been working really hard to get the mug this year,’” he said. “There is the sense of accomplishment, and they get to shake the Dean’s hand when they receive it.”

The Dean’s List celebration is but one part of a weekend full of events the college hopes will bring students and their families together.

“Our aim is to make it a date where our students and their loved ones can plan to come down for a visit,” Onks said.

Onks said bringing these families down is important because of the connections they can make while they are there. The institution has been around since 1866.

“We have a lot of legacy students, meaning their parents or grandparents also went to school here,” he said. “These family members had such a great experience here they brought their children or grandchildren here as well.”

He said in many situations, the students’ families get to meet their roommates, and the whole group often goes out to eat and experience the Milligan/Elizabethton area, especially the downtown areas.

The weekend itself will hold a variety of events, including the final home games for the men and women’s basketball teams and a light-hearted talent show taking place Friday evening, Feb. 8, at 7 p.m. at the Gregory Theater.