Need of honesty and integrity in America

Published 8:33 am Monday, February 11, 2019

To the Editor:
Most of the American people were shocked hearing the governor of Virginia on national TV promoting abortion, the killing of babies even after they are born. I was thinking this is going to work out for good. The public is seeing the real issues concerning abortion. Maybe this will cause a change to happen concerning the abortion industry.
However, it wasn’t over one or two days until someone comes out with the picture of the black person and the KKK. All the news media went to the picture to eliminate the coverage of abortion. The picture was minor compared to the taking of the lives of little babies. A picture taken 35 years ago by school children. It’s interesting when something comes out exposing their system they bring up some other issue to change the subject by other means.
We might ask ourselves what determines our discussions on the issues we face. It’s been reported that the Virginia governor, Northam, received $2 million in funds from Planned Parenthood. What should we be surprised?
Morality is not an issue of our choosing. Abortion, the taking of human life, is not our choice to make. It’s infanticide. Over 40 million. If we vote for a candidate knowing they are for abortion, we also are guilty.
The measurement of government legalism does not replace or suspend God’s holiness. The latest attempt is to eliminate “So help me God” in the oath of office.

Jim Troutman

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