Flag football league accepting registration at Elizabethton Parks and Rec

Published 8:07 am Friday, February 15, 2019

The annual flag football league is now open for registration at the Elizabethton Parks and Recreation Center for the upcoming spring season.

David Nanney, Recreation Manager at the center, said the league currently accepts men, but a women’s league could start if he hears enough interest.

“If enough women express interest, they can give me a call,” Nanney said.

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Unlike traditional American football, flag football does not feature full-body tackle. Instead, players wear three flags attached to a belt they wear. If a player takes one of the flags off, it counts as a tackle.

“We play on a 75-yard field with six players on each side,” he said.

The specific schedule will depend on the number of teams that sign up, but Nanney said games typically all take place on Sunday in one-hour increments.

“If there is an even number of teams, we will play games at 2, 3, 4 and 5 p.m., for example,” he said. “If there are an odd number of teams, one of them will take a week off in rotation.”

He said in spite of the sport’s stereotypes, the league typically handles itself well.

“There is a high level of sportsmanship among the league,” Nanney said.

Though the league is open to any adults who form a team, he said it is still a physically demanding sport, and potential players should be aware of that fact.

“This is still something most people can be involved in, though,” he said.

The league is more than just the players, however. Families often get involved during and after the games.

“The bank next to the park will be full of families every week,” Nanney said. “It really turns into a family event.”

Those wishing to form a team can register until March 29. The regular season will begin on April 7.

Those wishing to do so will need to turn in their $260 registration fee to the Parks and Rec office no later than the above date. There, they can also acquire a copy of the league rules. They can also register online at the Parks and Rec official website.

“We hope we will have a great season this year,” Nanney said. “We have always been successful.”