Pastors and their pets reach out in ministry

Published 8:28 am Friday, February 22, 2019

By Greg Miller © 2019
Pastor Cross and his best friend, Caesar the Cat, were well known around the minister’s small hometown.
Even the folks in the minister’s congregation realized that Pastor Cross took Caesar to almost all of his cross-town destinations. Carol, the church’s secretary joked, “I’ve heard that the dog is man’s best friend, but I believe in Pastor Cross’ case, he must have traded in his dog for a cat.”
“Actually, you’re right,” said Charles, the congregation’s chief cook. “Pastor Cross told me one day that Pastor Clifford, a minister friend of his in another church across town, had decided he no longer wanted his cat, Catnip, so a decision was soon made to exchange the two pets.”
“So Pastor Cross decided to exchange his canine, Crown, for the cat, Catnip, huh?”
“He sure did, and almost immediately he was thrilled by Catnip’s desire and ability to keep his house free of rodents,” replied Chef Charles. “Plus, he had grown tired of Crown’s addiction of chasing automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, and pedestrians. Catnip, on the other hand, only wanted to chase his favorite snack — mice!”
Both pastors were excited about the results of the trade, and they sensed that although Catnip and Crown were satisfied with their new homes, the animals occasionally began longing for a bit more adventure. The pastors decided to face the issue by getting Catnip and Crown occasionally to spend some time playing together in a nearby park.
The idea worked wonders for Catnip and Crown, and the pastors spent the time their pets were together studying God’s Word. Sometimes, they were able to discuss spiritual topics with total strangers and, over time, a few of the people they met visited their churches. They met one couple, Caleb and Catherine, and their canine, Cannon Ball, who were destined to become great friends.
Pastor Clifford had an idea, which would draw the pastors and their new friends even closer together. They opened a pet shop, complete with grooming services for the animals. Caleb and Catherine actually managed the business, while Pastor Cross and Pastor Clifford stayed in the background.
After being in business successfully for a few years, and after prayerful consideration, the friends’ relationship took a new turn: Pastor Clifford and Pastor Cross decided to assist Caleb and Catherine in forming a new church in a nearby town.
“It just goes to show what we can accomplish with the friendship and fellowship of brothers and sisters in Christ, and a foundation based on the direction of the Holy Spirit,” said Pastor Clifford.
“And a common love of our pets,” chuckled Pastor Cross. “A common love of our pets!”
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