Nursing home residents select unbeatable veggie

Published 8:50 am Friday, March 8, 2019

By Greg Miller © 2019
Farmer gently planted a large variety of seeds.
Rows of potatoes, beets, lettuce, cabbage, squash and carrots were planted. Farmer also planted a long row of his favorite veggie — peas — which he always canned and saved for special holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.
“My canned peas will last throughout the brutal winter months,” Farmer said.
Mrs. Farmer knew she could count on her husband to plant an abundance of her favorite veggie — lettuce — because she was so fond of the leafy green vegetable. “I always put some lettuce on the table for every meal,” she said. “I love its crunchy deliciousness.”
“Lettuce does have a crunchy delicious taste,” Farmer said. “It’s not my favorite vegetable, but it’s your favorite and you share it with me, so I love it.
“Well, you share your peas with me, so sharing my lettuce with you is the only fair thing to do,” Mrs. Farmer replied.
Farmer observed, “I must admit, the crunch of lettuce for breakfast is a bit unusual, but I’m glad we developed the habit because it helps us have a closer relationship with each other.”
Farmer gingerly watched over his crops all spring and summer, because he knew the necessity of that task if he wanted to reap a bountiful harvest. “I must be a good steward of my garden, if I expect the Lord to bless me with an abundant harvest,” Farmer said.
Mrs. Farmer appreciated her husband’s determination to be faithful to the Lord in producing a wonderful harvest. “He’s the hardest-working farmer I know,” Mrs. Farmer told her closest friends.
Farmer always planted an extra row of beets because the local nursing home residents loved them. “After we’ve served the final batch of beets for the season, the residents continue to ask for them every day until the following autumn harvest,” Francesca, the facility’s kitchen manager told Farmer. “It’s like they have a craving that can’t be satisfied until the next season’s beets arrive.”
“What do they say?” asked Farmer.
“Oh they don’t just say it,” said Francesca. “They sing it. They actually came up with a catchy tune that tells how they feel about your beets.”
“You mean like a jingle?”
“Yes, that’s it, a jingle.”
“How does it go?” asked Farmer.
“Farmer’s beets are crunchy and sweet, crunchy and sweet, crunchy and sweet. Farmer’s beets are crunchy and sweet. It’s one tasty veggie that can’t be beat!”
“They’re absolutely right,” Farmer grinned. “My beets are one veggie that can’t be beat!”
“But the lettuce your wife loves so much comes in a close second,” said Francesca.
“An unbeatable combination!” chuckled Farmer.
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