Elizabethton’s Allstate office to move to new location

Published 8:08 am Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Charlie Long’s Allstate office is changing locations, but for current and/or future customers, do not worry. It is not all that far away. In fact, they are just moving across the street.

Long said the move was because of the state’s plans to expand and renovate the intersection they reside on.

“They said they needed to widen the road, so they condemned the building for demolition,” he said.

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He said the state originally slated the old building’s demolition for late April, early May, but after needing to postpone, the state plans to do it at some point this year.

The former gas station sits at the intersection of East Elk, Broad Street and North Roan Street, one of the busiest intersections in the city. The Tennessee Department of Transportation has been in the process of widening and renovating the stretch of Broad Street right outside the downtown area, and Long said his current office sits in one of those expansion areas.

The new location already has new plumbing, electricity and everything else it needs, including new signage from Allstate.

“We are as ready as we can be at this point,” he said.

The only thing they need now is the go-ahead signal from TDOT to facilitate the move. This is not because of any contracts or permits, but rather because of money.

“TDOT gives an allowance for the inconvenience of having to move,” Long said. “We have to move within their time window.”

If he and his team move buildings too early, they will essentially void their money and will receive none of it.

“We were told [the ok] could be within a few weeks,” Long said.

The move does have its advantages, however. Long said the new building has signage on both Broad Street and East Elk Avenue, meaning greater exposure to people driving by the building. In addition, the more modern building means modern conveniences.

“There is more privacy with the offices,” he said. “The rent is manageable, too.”

He did not have an official ETA on when the move would become official but said they are ready to go as soon as the city says it is OK.

“We will be better equipped with the same great service,” Long said.