Couple ministers to neighbors during flood

Published 9:17 am Friday, March 29, 2019

A large city and the surrounding mountainous countryside were experiencing an over-abundance of springtime rains.
Nearby rivers and streams rose to dangerous levels, sending water into homes. Some of the city’s more isolated sections were severely flooded.
Cedrick and his wife, Cynthia, had moved from a farming community to the city about five years ago. They quickly fell in love with their new town and when tragedy struck, they were determined to remedy the problem.
The particular neighborhood Cedrick and Cynthia called home was among the areas hardest hit by the flood waters, so the couple began working furiously to minister to their neighbors. A carpenter by trade, Cedrick kept an ample supply of wood and tools in his second-floor workshop. He decided to make a few kayaks which his neighbors could use to navigate in and out of the streets until the flood waters receded.
Cynthia spent much time in prayer, asking God to bless her neighbors, and she assisted Cedrick in constructing the kayaks. She also prepared several food baskets for the neighbors until they could once again go to the grocery store.
In addition to blessing their neighbors with the kayaks, Cedrick was determined to provide a witness for the Lord through his efforts. Suddenly, an idea popped into his head. “I know what I’ll do,” he grinned. “I’ll carve the letters ‘N.A.’ into the seats I’m installing on the kayaks.”
Cedrick didn’t make a big deal out of it; he didn’t even tell Cynthia. He just nonchalantly carved the letters into each seat, whistling as he worked, silently praising God.
As he completed each kayak, Cedrick delivered the finished vessel to a neighbor, while towing a second kayak in which to return home. After each delivery, came a welcome “Thanks, Cedrick! I really appreciate your help!”
“You’re welcome!” came the soft reply.
Cedrick’s kayak-building work was nearly finished. “I only have one more kayak to build, then this project will be completed,” he told Cynthia.
“For whom are you building the kayak?” inquired Cynthia.
“It’s for Charlie who lives next door,” smiled Cedrick.
Before long, Cedrick had completed the kayak for Charlie and delivered the vessel to him. Almost immediately, Charlie noticed the “N.A.” notched on the seats. “What’s this?” Charlie asked.
“I was just trying to be funny. It stands for Noah’s Ark.”
“But there’s no room for lots of animals. Noah’s Ark was filled with many creatures.”
Cedrick grinned. “But the only animals you’ll have room for are the ones you put on your shoulders!”
“That’s right, because my shoulders are the only places they will be able to sit!”
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