When the opened door is worth the wait

Published 9:06 am Friday, April 19, 2019

One of the hardest things to do in life is to pray over something and know in your heart it’s the right thing and then have to wait patiently for the Lord to work things out.

And all the while you have to continually remind yourself that delay is not denial in the eyes of God.

This past week God once again opened the doors for me to fulfill something that I have prayed over for three years and that was to join the Elizabethton Star full time.

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It was bittersweet in the fact that the open door came as a result of Bryce Phillips leaving as Bryce and I had worked with one another since he first arrived over five years ago.

I am thankful that General Manager Delaney Scalf had the confidence and trust in me to extend the offer to come and take over the sports duties-a responsibility that I do not take lightly.

Delaney and I have been friends for a long time and share a like faith in the Lord we serve and the place we call home.  He and I both believe in and have a passion for Carter County and especially the kids that attend and play sports at the elementary and high school level. And beyond.

It is that passion that I will rely on to help ensure that I try with all my heart to make sure all sports and all athletes receive coverage for the sport they participate in.

And not coverage for just the various sports, but all the schools in the community as well. 

Now mind you, even though we may not have a large staff to cover everything, we are diligently going to work to reach out into the local high schools with opportunities for rising seniors that have a desire to pursue sports journalism at the college level.

We are also going to use some of the best correspondents around to make sure we are getting coverage either in writing or photos.

But the bottom line is that I will depend on you the reader who are parents, grandparents, siblings or coaches to help out as well by sending in story ideas, game details, and photos to enhance our sports coverage.

Also, I believe in a buffet approach to sports. That means that I want to cover the school sports, but I want to make sure that we are covering the outdoor sports like fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, and all the other past times we label as a sporting event.

I am asking for photos and information on your provided pictures so I can share those with all our readers.

Not everyone has a taste for baseball or football but maybe catching that next rainbow trout or taking a black bear is more of your fortay. All I ask is to share your accomplishments with me.

You can email me at ivan.sanders@elizabethton.com or drop the photos and info off at the Star’s front desk.

For national sports lovers, we are also excited to have the Associated Press to lean on for sports like Major League Baseball, the NFL, NASCAR, and collegiate athletics.

This sports section is not my sports section- it belongs to you our readers. I am just a tool to make sure that we are doing the very best job possible to promote our county and all its residents.

But just like a screwdriver or hammer, if you don’t use it what benefit will be accomplished by not even picking it up.

I am so very excited to be at the Elizabethton Star and especially in sports. Hopefully, you see a few of the things we want to do already in the papers since Tuesday. 

There are meetings ongoing to revamp and identify how sports can improve, and that is precisely what we want to do- improve.

I am open to suggestions as well so once again, please send me an email with what you like and dislike about sports in the STAR.

Again, I am honored to help put together your sports section in your hometown and community newspaper.  I hope to cross paths and share your thoughts and opinions about the Elizabethton Star Sports section. 

In closing, I once again want to thank God for this fantastic opportunity. I look forward to the ride.