Americans are more easily offended than ever

Published 9:05 am Wednesday, May 1, 2019

To the Editor:
Most Christians who study prophecy focus on recent cosmic signs, recent numerous natural disasters and evil activities in the world pointing to the soon return of Jesus. Jesus included another often overlooked warning, indicating that a spirit of offense would be everywhere, coinciding with the timing of the Gospel being preached around the world, which without doubt is this present time. Matthew 24:10,12 , “And many shall be offended and shall betray one another and shall hate one another… And because evil shall abound the love of many shall wax cold.” Perry Stone said in his 40 years of ministry he never observed such an unleashing of a “spirit of offense.” Stone said some pastors built large churches by being “seeker sensitive” emphasizing preaching nothing to offend, convict or make sinners uncomfortable. This goes against the Bible that says to preach it all including unpleasant and unpopular truths such as hell, tribulation and judgment. The Bible says the seeker to focus on is God. John 4:23 says… “true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeks such to worship Him!”
This year Walmart and other stores have been doing empathy training for their employees because so many are so focused on themselves they can’t see others problems or points of view. Psychologists have found when people associate almost exclusively with those who agree with them, they suffer from group-think and confirmation bias and lose their ability to see events clearly or correctly and are easily offended. America has more people with reprobate (Romans 1) minds than ever before that are the most evil and easily offended. Experts say “we don’t see things the way they are, we see things the way we are.” If a Muslim commits terrorism and someone points out that the terrorist act is in fact representative of the daily acts of Muslim terror world-wide, they are called Islamophobic by the liberal (left) media. We aren’t dealing with phobias but with facts. Islamophobia is a false allegation of prejudice which is used by liberals to silence rational criticism based on actual facts about attitudes and practices within the Islamic world. The fact is Muslims kill much more and rape much more than all religions combined. According to John McTernan at www.defendproclaimthe a huge battle is going on in the Pennsylvania legislature because a representative prayed in the name of Jesus. This prayer offended atheists and Muslims. The liberal (left) legislature leadership is attempting to rebuke the representative and demand only “nice” prayers be made. According to, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders all refused to use the words “Christian” or “churches” in Sri Lanka statements after the Muslim Islamic Easter attack kills almost 300 Christians and wounded hundreds more. They said Easter worshipers were attacked and they never mentioned that Muslims did the killing so as to not offend Muslims and didn’t tell the world that Muslims are killing Christians. Christians don’t worship Easter and have never been called Easter worshipers. Obama, Clinton and Sanders may have Christophobia and like demons tremble at the name of Jesus Christ. One day they will mention the name of Jesus. One day the Bible says, “every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord!”
Bias CNN has a long history of having the mic go dead in interviews when the CNN liberal narrative isn’t being advanced. Black NFL football player Ben Watson was invited by CNN to speak on the racial problems at Ferguson. They must not have known Watson was a Christian. Watson said, “Ultimately the problem is not a skin problem it is a sin problem.” When Watson says, “Jesus died for our sins” his mic went dead. CNN and MSNBC also cut off the mic of people who dared to criticize crooked Hillary Clinton. No one can completely remove the worldview they bring to any story. People must be educated and discerning about the news they consume. Look at different forms of media like internet, radio and newspaper. To only listen to liberal (left) media is like only having a Toyota dealer tell you about Chevy trucks. There is only one way to get an accurate knowledge of any position. It’s to hear an unedited version of it directly from someone who actually knows and holds that position. Experts say to be able to think and debate positions you have to risk being offensive. Liberals believe they have the right not to be offended. Just because someone says they are offended doesn’t make them right. Christians should exercise their right to free speech while they can and be more concerned with offending God than anyone else.
There’s only one place to find the truth and nothing but the truth and that’s the Bible. There’s one kind of news that’s completely believable and always true and it’s the good news of Jesus. Jesus is true news. The Bible teaches that the only way to heaven is to have faith in Jesus and His death, burial and resurrection. To tell people they need Jesus will offend some people. “It’s better to offend people into heaven than to flatter people into hell!”

D.D. Nave

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