Pebble, stone, rock and boulders plan their careers

Published 8:34 am Friday, May 3, 2019

Pebble, Stone, Rock and Boulder were among the best students at the Hard Stones and Other Rocks High School.
All four seniors made straight A’s and had excellent attitudes. And all four were looking forward to a summer of fun before beginning their careers as college freshmen.
One day, the foursome sat in the lunchroom, slowly eating their sandwiches while discussing their future careers. “I’m going to become a professional stream pebble,” Pebble shared. “I’ve been told that all I’ll have to do is just relax in the water, with gentle waves washing over me.”
“That does sound like lots of fun,” said Stone, the only female member of the exclusive club. “I plan to work hard at being the best and most beautiful aquarium stone in the world. The water will hardly even move as the goldfish swim nearby.”
Rock was somewhat bigger than both Pebble and Stone, but was much smaller than Boulder. “I don’t want to be all wet all the time,” he told Pebble and Stone. “I want to be carved into the image of a great community leader and be a statue in a neighborhood park. When parents walk by with their children, the youngsters will be able to learn about my many contributions to the community. I’ll be able to share many of life’s most valuable lessons without even speaking.”
The biggest of the four, Boulder said he was preparing to work as a monument in a scenic national park. “When people gaze upon my rugged character, they will surely be looking at one of the major wonders of the world!” he stated.
Pebble, Stone, Rock and Boulder all realized that they represented the Sovereign Lord on Planet Earth. “We all have a role to play in the grand scheme of God’s creation,” remarked Pebble, who said he wanted to rest alongside a riverbank to be occasionally tossed across the water in happy harmony by someone walking nearby.
“It would give me a feeling of walking on water, like the Lord Jesus did,” he said.
“That’s right,” agreed Stone. “We’re all different shapes, sizes and colors, and we have different personalities, but we all want to serve the Lord and do what He has placed us on the earth to do.”
Rock cautioned against anyone in the group becoming too prideful. “Remember,” he said, “Jesus is the Rock on whom Christian believers stand. If they forget that, we must cry out about the greatness of Jesus! As long as they remember that fact, however, we’re much better off if we don’t utter a single word. Or we might find ourselves between the Rock and a hard place!”
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