Spring Fling is a must if you are a sports fan

Published 7:36 am Friday, May 24, 2019

At the penning of this Sports Chatter, there are two days left in the TSSAA Spring Fling in Murfreesboro as many teams have been eliminated in team sports such as baseball, softball, tennis, and soccer while track athletes are preparing for their day under the spotlight.

Now, if you are a high sports enthusiast and have never been to the TSSAA Spring Fling state tournament, you don’t know what you are missing.

Every pitch is heart-pounding, every penalty kick will make you hold your breath, and each serve could be the last.

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There are so many emotions from the players to the coaches and all the family and friends that brave the sweltering high 80’s and low 90’s that have prevailed each day.

As a spectator one can’t help but be drawn in to watch grown men shed tears as they say their final address to their baseball team after each player leaves it on the field for their teammates and the schools they represent.

By the time Friday draws to a close, all champions will be crowned weather permitting and all the hard-working workers that it takes to run a big show like the Spring Fling will take a much-needed break from a fast-paced week of collecting park fees, working the fields, selling Spring Fling merchandise, calling ball games and selling bottle after bottle of water and refreshments.

From a sports writer perspective, the end marks the successful ending to another sports year as new faces will have to be learned as a new season kicks off with high school football in late July until almost Christmas along with all the other fall sports.

As fans, you owe it to yourself to see exactly what these kids work for in their respective sport by making at least one trip to take in a state tournament week.

Even for myself watching the games that featured the Elizabethton Cyclone baseball team and Unaka softball to present that game into writing for our readers, I find myself hanging on every pitch and every play.

I was standing in the dugout during the Elizabethton and Pigeon Forge baseball game thinking about how truly blessed that my job is not tied to a desk in an office setting or in a hot, steamy factory somewhere but being able to watch these kids and coaches laying it all on the line for their school and their communities.

All of Carter County has reason to hold their heads high and puff out their chests as these kids return with the knowledge that they have finished in the top six or better of their respective sport which is downright unbelievable considering the number of schools in each class in the state.

So, while this year is coming to a close, it would be a good time to schedule a few vacation days around the state tournaments for either the fall or spring sports or both.

It will be a great investment and some memories to cherish for years to come.

Congratulations to Elizabethton baseball, Unaka softball, and the track qualifiers from both Happy Valley and Elizabethton.

You make Carter County proud and thanks especially to all seniors on these teams because you have served your community and your school well.