Elizabethton church to host ‘Biscuit Jamboree’ Sunday

Published 8:14 am Friday, May 31, 2019

There are a host of churches in Carter County, each one giving out sermons on a weekly, if not daily, occurrence. One church, however, has decided to give a different spin to its usual message, bringing entertainment and light-hearted humor to its sometimes heavy messages.

First Christian Church in Elizabethton has decided to add an air of levity to its message, bringing to their congregation a chance to sit back, have fun and enjoy homemade biscuits in the process.

Minister at the church Michael Klaus said the Biscuit Jamboree is part of a summer’s worth of activities and programs for churchgoers.

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“Sometimes in church meetings, the focus can be very serious,” Klaus said. “This is more light-hearted. We need a balance.”

The jamboree comes from Tommy and John Thomas Oaks, performers who have put on skits and other acts throughout the region. This weekend will be no exception, with the Oaks Boys performing a “Hee Haw” style of comedy and songs.

“For us, it is a change of pace,” he said. “Even Jesus needed to take breaks once in a while.”

As per the name, however, the food will play a large role in the event itself. Klaus said the biscuits will be a kind of potluck.

“We encourage churches to have their members bring biscuits and their favorite toppings,” he said.

He said the church will be going full country for this event, so those interested are encouraged to dress the part, including decorating the church beforehand with country-style decorations including barrels of hay and checkered table cloths.

However, the second half of the event will get more serious, focusing on a devotional to relate everything back to what they do as a church, with country gospel songs and Tommy Oaks telling various stories.

On Tommy Oaks’ website, he has a series of devotionals and other videos where he talks about various passages in the Bible.

He said he first heard of the duo in the ’80s, hearing Tommy Oaks preach.

“They recently did something on the book of Ester,” Klaus said.

The jamboree will take place Sunday, June 2, at First Christian Church, located at 513 Hattie Ave., Elizabethton. The event will begin at around 6 p.m. and will go until 7:30, but Klaus said showing up around 30 minutes prior is a good idea, as the duo will be playing songs and telling stories well before the event actually begins.