Twins tackle tough task

Published 8:26 am Friday, May 31, 2019

By Greg Miller

Roy and Ray were twin brothers who enjoyed spending time together and talking about God’s magnificent blessings.

Although they were twins, both Roy and Ray insisted on telling the world that they were born a whole minute apart. Roy and his wife, Rhonda, were determined to arrive at Sunday school a minimum of 60 seconds before Ray and his wife, Rita, got to the church.

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“Ray insisted on arriving late to his own birth, and I can’t let him forget it,” said Roy with a faux grin.

“I was taking a nap when the whole birth process started,” Ray recalled. “By the time I finished yawning, you had already been born.”

Roy liked to tease his brother on a continuing basis. “The yawning only ceased temporarily,” Roy grinned. “It seems to me you’ve been yawning most of the time since you were born!”

Ray was as much of a tease as was his brother. “Well, you arrived on the scene with so much energy that you haven’t bothered to slow down even a little bit for the entire 30 years we’ve been alive!” Ray said. “I couldn’t come close to keeping up with you even if I tried!”

“I do enjoy life!” Roy exclaimed. “I feel if I’m asleep I’m missing out on some of God’s greatest blessings that I can experience while I’m awake!”

“Like a humongous stack of Rhonda’s homemade pancakes for breakfast?” asked Ray.

“That’s right!” exclaimed Roy. “And a gigantic bowl of her strawberry banana oatmeal!”

“I enjoy eating a fantastic breakfast, too,” said Ray, “but I like to eat breakfast a moment later than you do. Rhonda always fixes peanut butter waffles with homemade butter and plenty of molasses.”

“We eat breakfast at 8 a.m.,” said Roy.

“We eat at 8:01 a.m.,” said Ray. “I know you eat at 8 o’clock, and I don’t want to eat until after you’ve started. We must keep up the traditions that were begun when we were born.”

“I have an idea,” Roy told his brother, but I’m not sure if we can pull it off.”

“What’s your idea?” asked Ray.

“It’s really a very simple concept,” Roy replied. “I propose that we exchange schedules for one whole day. I will do things a bit sooner than I usually do, and you will do things a bit later than you usually do.”

“What if we’re not able to accomplish our goal?” asked Ray.

“It may not be that big a deal,” said Roy. “But if we can achieve this goal, think about how many other milestones we can achieve if we’re able to work together!”

“You’re right!” grinned Ray. “We might even get more done than Congress!”

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