That Burns My Biscuits!

Published 9:04 am Tuesday, June 18, 2019

E. J. Smith

Hi Y’all! Today we are listing the little things that drive us mad quick. Such as…

People who chew with their mouths open; what makes you think others want to view your masticated food being wallowed around in your wide open mouth​? Nobody, that’s who. Your mama didn’t teach you any better or did you just not pay attention?

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People who help themselves to the food on your plate without asking first. If you ask first, then your friends will not see a monkey’s face when they look at you.

People who finish sentences for me; so you think I don’t know the end of what I’m saying?

People who cough with their mouth open. Good grief! This is also one you should have learned from your mama!

People who constantly interrupt others, telling what they think is a better story or changing the one you told. Just plain rude!

People who tell babies, “You’re mean!” Children believe what we say, enough said!

People who start a sentence with, “No offense.” Well, if you don’t intend for me to be offended, why say it at all? Or just tell me what you think, if that offends me, then so be it.

Ask someone what they want to eat and they say, “I don’t care,” then when you mention possibilities, they don’t like anything you suggest.

People who do not wash their hands after using the bathroom. Oh My! You are nasty and I’m not touching anything you touch. Just saying…

People who mispronounce words and blame it on their heritage or where they live. Most of us talk with a regional accent, but there is no excuse for chronic mispronouncing of words. Do you want others to think you are totally clueless?

People who get in the “express” lane with a cart overflowing with groceries. Look it up; “express” in this case means “fast.”

People who park so close to your car in a parking lot and you can’t open the driver’s door. You have to go in the other side and contort yourself to make it to the driver’s seat. Would they tolerate that? Probably not; maybe they would just key your car…

People who take up two parking spaces. Do you feel entitled or are you just lazy and inconsiderate?

People who make excuses and turn things around so that it is your fault. I get so tired of this. Just take responsibility for your own actions or words!

People who talk so loud on their phones that we wonder why we should know their business.

People who assume my view is the same as theirs. Don’t talk trash about my candidates, my spouse, or my views  and I won’t criticize yours.

People who promise to do things and never follow through. It’s is not necessary to lie, just tell me you don’t have time or don’t want to do something.

And last, but worse than most: people who are self-absorbed. They talk about themselves, their health issues which may or may not exist, that their dog or grandchild is smarter than anyone else’s and they know so much more about everything than anyone else! They never stop long enough allow you to state your opinion or tell your story.

Well that’s it. Things that irritate us daily. We either need to speak up to the offenders or forget about it.

I’m here! Tell me what burns your biscuits and I will tell the world (or at least our community).

You are in my prayers,