That Burns My Biscuits!

Published 8:06 am Tuesday, July 9, 2019

By E.J. Smith

Cell phones are ruining us! They may be a great invention that helps us in many ways, but there are also some things we do with them that are not so safe or healthy or good for your family’s well being.

For example, the other day I drove past a playground. There was a young mother with a toddler on the merry-go-round. She was looking down at her phone, doing whatever, while she pushed the thing around and around with the young child sitting there, looking very bored and unhappy. Poor baby! I felt so bad for him, but what can I do? I do not know her so I can only pray for her, that she will rethink her cell phone usage and pay more attention to her child, showing him the love he needs to grow into a man (or woman) that people want to be associated with. Please, parents, think before you start talking or texting or checking Facebook, check your child, he needs you more than anything else needs you. We do need our cell phones, but should not become so obsessed that we ignore our children or our surroundings.

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You can check Facebook anyplace, but most of us use our cell phones to catch up with friends and family. One can learn many things from Facebook while also seeing things that he wishes to un-see.

The other day, I saw a post from a woman who was complaining (nicely) about the language some use.

She was disappointed in people and said she wished it would stop. The onslaught of negative energy was overwhelming! People were calling her nasty names and then saying every profane word they could think of. I read every curse word I have ever heard and some new ones as well. Well, people who do that are just plain mean! I hope they get help.

The same thing happened in California a few weeks ago. Someone in a church said that women should dress decently and not wear revealing clothing to church (someone had worn leggings with a very short T-shirt). The response was that a large part of the women in the church put on the most revealing outfit they could find and wore it to the church the next Sunday to defy the person who had attempted to help them understand that we need to be decent before our Lord. Y’all, if someone told me that my clothing was too revealing for church, I would read my Bible to find out what the Lord said about it and dress to please Him. That is what we are supposed to do; church is for worship, not for showing off bodies or defying others.

I know politics are necessary in a democracy, but do they have to get so nasty? Thank God, I am no one’s judge. Every day on Facebook, I read mean things that people say to each other about those who do not agree with them. Mean, nasty things, some from “Christian people.” No Christian I know curses and makes negative comments to or about anyone. Better think again about how things you say can be very damaging to your life and beyond. If you go spouting off nasty comments at every opportunity, cursing and name calling about the other party or opponents, who will respect you? Can you respect yourself, sinking so low? I am going to watch and listen to candidates to determine who I think is the right man or woman for the job. I am going to keep my mouth shut about who I am voting for and you can too. I do not wish to argue with anyone, friends, family or strangers, about something that could separate me from them or most of all, from God.

That’s my take on things. What “burns your biscuits”?

Y’all are in my prayers,